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Can I keep pigeons as pets? Congratulations! You’re on your way to knowing the basics of pigeon keeping! Most likely you already understand that pigeons are wonderful birds, they are really pleasant and also have actually been tamed for long period of time. Can I keep pigeons as pets? Pigeons were used to send messages back then. However, today the pigeons are maintained generally as a leisure activity as well as also for business objectives. In fact, pigeon farming businesses have confirmed itself as a profitable one and its now becoming more popular than ever. In this article, you’ll learn the answer to your question; can I keep pigeons as pets?

Can I Keep Pigeons as Pets: Factors to Consider

Keep the following in mind before you even acquire a pigeon, or any other bird for this matter:

  • You should have a risk-free location for them if you want to keep them as family pets. Make sure to construct a secure location for your birds that can connect to your home and also outdoors. The area likewise requires to be safeguarded from weather condition and also other potential threats.
  • Make sure there are enough room as well as area to relocate easily.
  • You need to provide a top quality diet plan for your birds in order to keep them healthy. Make sure that their habitat is also regularly cleaned.
  • Provide another pigeon if you can. Keep in mind that they are social birds, and can get lonely if they are alone in their cage.
  • You may want to consider breeding. If you have a pair of male and female pigeons, then you could start rearing birds or raising pigeons. If you want to keep just a pair, then remove or replace their real eggs with fake one.
  • Bring them to the vet if they got ill or injured.

Pet Pigeons

Pigeons are extremely pleasant and also social animals and they like to entertain. You should think about a set if you are planning for keeping pigeons as family pets. However, if you prepare to have only one, you need to be committed to giving it a great deal of interest as well as also make certain that you have enough time for your bird. This is the best tip on how to keep pigeons as pets.

Patience and Time

Firstly, take into consideration whether you have adequate time for maintaining pigeons as pets or if you want to race them. Pigeons are social birds so maintaining a solitary bird is just advised if you have enough time to provide it friendship to keep him/ her happy. There are various kinds of pigeon breeds readily available and also the social requirements of each type vary from one another considerably. You should have adequate time to be able to establish apart some time everyday to mingle with your bird.

Homing Pigeons

You can either make a loft or buy a cage for your pigeon. Loft space is the recommended choice in which birds are provided a standard protected location for the evening as well as likewise can be free during the daytime. The dimension of the loft space differs depending upon the number of birds.

If you keep your birds constantly inside, you will need to purchase a huge cage that will allow the bird to flap their wings and also move. Ensure that the loft or cage is easy – to – clean


They can build nests by themselves and you don’t have to help them. Although, you can need to keep some nesting materials around in order to encourage your pet to build nest.

How to Buy

After establishing their home, it’s time to buy pigeon. It’s always excellent to purchase pigeons from local breeders. Select the type first, and afterward locate it within your area. You can think about browsing on-line classifieds if you do not locate your desired breed within your location.

After finding the pigeon and also bringing it back, you need to maintain the pigeon indoors first for a few days to about a week. Keeping the bird inside will certainly get you to bond with it, and your pet will also be comfy with you.

Feed Your Pigeons

Feeding is one of the most integral parts of raising pigeons. High-quality feeding not only keep the animals healthy and balanced however it also helps them to stay happy. You can feed the bird with some grains or seeds, or buy commercial pellets. In fact, pelleted diets are the most effective source of nutrients for your pet. You can supplement your bird’s normal diet plan with pears, apple, berries, chickweed, spinach, lettuce, endive and so on. You can likewise take into consideration calcium and vitamin supplements which help the bird to improve their health and wellness.


Keep water dish inside your pet pigeons cage, you always want them to have access to clean and fresh water. Make sure to also clean the water bowl at least every other day.

Vet Care

Make sure to schedule your vet for treatment. If your pigeon ends up being ill or harmed, call your vet as quickly as possible. These all are the means of keeping pigeon as pets. Take into consideration that it will take some time and also training to keep pigeons happy living with you.

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