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Do Russian Blue cats get dry skin? Allergies are a common reason for felines to create half-cracked skin. Food and/or environmental allergens might be to blame. Infections and outside parasites are other common triggers for itchiness and completely dry skin. Do Russian Blue cats get dry skin? Skin infections created by yeast or germs generally occur as a result of other illness, while the fungal infection called ringworm is spread from pet to pet. Do Russian Blue cats get dry skin? A lot of pet dog owners are on the lookout for ticks and also fleas, however much less evident types of feline parasites like lice and termites can additionally cause itchy, flaky skin in cats.

Tips in Preventing Dry Skin in Russian Blues


Pet cats grow on a premium quality diet plan that includes great deals of healthy protein and also moderate amounts of fat. Consult your veterinarian for recommendations if you’re not certain that your brand of food is a suitable choice. Feline foods specifically developed to sustain skin wellness are widely offered. I highly recommend Royal Canin Hair & Skin Care Dry Feline Food for felines with dry skin problems.

Do Russian Blue cats get dry skin? Do not neglect the significance of hydration, which is important for every organ including the skin. If you think your pet cat isn’t drinking enough, attempt adding more water bowls around the house. Make certain they are easily available and also have fresh water in them whatsoever times. Some pet cats favor alcohol consumption from running sources of water, so a cat drinking fountain might be a rewarding investment. Changing to wet food is one more simple way to increase a feline’s water consumption. Important fatty acid supplements hydrate completely dry skin from the inside out. Unless otherwise routed by your veterinarian, look for items which contain Omega 3, 6, and also 9 fats. Topical, spot-on items can additionally assist felines with dry skin.

Flea and Tick Prevention

Stay clear of exterior bloodsuckers by placing your pet dog on a parasite preventative all year round. Maintaining your feline inside will additionally lower the opportunities of exposure. If you suspect fleas, you can obtain a better look with a flea comb, but it’s a lot easier to avoid an invasion than to remedy one, which is why month-to-month treatments are so preferred and also effective.


It’s best to avoid bathing your pet cat unless it’s really needed. Cats are excellent self-groomers and also recurring bathing can dry their skin. If you do require to wash your pet cat to eliminate dust or debris, utilize a gentle, moisturizing hair shampoo that is developed for pet cats. While too much showering is destructive, routine cleaning is valuable. Brushing will enhance blood circulation within the skin as well as distribute your cat’s natural oils. It is specifically essential for pet cats that are vulnerable to matting and is a good way to consistently observe the wellness of your feline’s layer as well as skin.

Managing Coat Allergies

Do Russian Blue cats get dry skin? Felines with plant pollen allergic reactions take advantage of being maintained inside your home. Any allergens that obtain stuck in a pet cat’s fur can be removed with normal baths making use of a shampoo made especially for allergic reactions. Medicated sprays can additionally be valuable. More severe cases may require prescription medicines. If you assume your cat has a food allergy, a food test using a removal diet plan will identify the offender(s). Cats can have an unfavorable responses to all sort of irritants, consisting of perfumes, cleansing products, and also cigarette smoke. Several felines also can not endure messy clutter. You might require to experiment to discover one that suits your pet dog. Walnut-based trashes have a tendency to work well for sensitive cats.


It is also possible to manage your feline’s way of living in a manner that will certainly minimize the chance of half-cracked skin. Tension can be a contributing factor, as well as since pet cats flourish on regular, preserve a structured, feline-friendly schedule. Present brand-new pets, food, or environmental adjustments slowly. If your pet cat only creates skin flakiness during completely dry times of the year, a humidifier might aid. Overweight or arthritic felines usually have difficulties grooming particular components of their body, in some cases causing skin flakes.

Prevent this scenario by keeping your pet cat energetic, at a healthy weight, as well as taking care of pain. Regular brushing will certainly assist maintain their coat as well as skin in the meanwhile. Regular exams with your vet will capture possible issues early, when they are easiest to take care of. This is specifically essential as felines age and are at greater threat for some of the potentially severe diseases that can cause dry skin.

Keep In Mind

Do Russian Blue cats get dry skin? While dry skin might not look like a dire issue, the state of a feline’s skin can inform you a whole lot regarding their general wellness. The skin is the body’s largest body organ and is the easiest to observe. What appears there can hint at what is simmering under the surface area. Flakes are the most apparent way that dry skin exposes itself, yet you may likewise observe other signs like itching, extreme pet grooming, and also loss of hair. Keep in mind if you see several signs (specifically if they are severe), you might be managing something greater than simply ordinary old completely dry skin.

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