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How to cat – proof your house? Felines are known to be relentlessly curious beings. The abundance of sayings and quotes referencing the mischief and precarious situations cats can find them in is enough to support this claim. How to cat – proof your house? Russian Blues, with their calm characteristic; and tendency to find tranquil in chaos will still need to be protected from things which may pose or cause them harm; because they too can be rough players during downtime playtime. How to cat – proof your house? Cat-proofing your home will not only benefit your new RB feline; and guarantee it a space which is safe, feline-friendly and cat-worthy; it will also give you the peace of mind that you; and your family will co-exist safely with your new Russian Blue, harmoniously. 

The Russian Blue Cat

How to cat – proof your house? This outstandingly unique breed of a feline is a plush; shimmering pale hue of blue-gray, and its head bejeweled with a pair of bewitching emerald green eyes. Guard hairs are recognizably silver-tipped which gives the feline a silvery sheen and a lustrous appearance; completing the overall and very distinct look of the Russian Blue.  Historically, felines of all breeds have been utilized in the propagation, population, repopulation, development and improvement of other feline breeds. This fact holds true for our devoted Russian Blue as they too have been used to produce other breeds such as the Havana Brown. The Nebelung cat has the Russian Blue to thank for its contribution to the development of its kind. 

It may have been the brilliant green eyes of the Russian Blue Cat, which calls for immediate attention when laid sights upon, or the silvery blue-grey coat; shimmering with its every movement; which made it an eye-catching choice from amongst other felines. It would be safe to suppose that the absence of genetic issues in the Russian Blue, its lesser likelihood of inheriting troubling medical conditions, its vigorous physique and its mild temperament; would’ve been some of the criteria it possess that made it the likely selection for the job. 

Russian Blue Cat – Proofing Tips

How to cat – proof your house? Take note of the important things to keep in mind whilst you make plans to cat-proof your home and areas around your house where your cat is allowed to wander. 

Tip#1: Keep Poisonous Plants Away

Felines have an innate aversion to munch on grass and foliage. Be aware that most plants are toxic to felines and even non-poisonous plants can be reason for diarrhea and vomiting in cats. Determine what plants flank your home. Should there be toxic plants around your home, you may want to consider barricading; replanting them farther away, or completely replacing them with plants that are good for cats. 

Tip#2: Keep Toxic Materials Away

Russian Blues are smart felines. Remember that they are highly trainable cats with very keen intelligence. Aside from their inclination to play “fetch”, it has been noted that RBs learn actions by observation. Many RBs have acquired the skill of opening closed doors just by studying how its guardian does this. It is therefore strongly advised that guardians of this intelligent breed keep dangerously toxic cleaning supplies away from the sight, reach and scent of your cat. Use child-proof latches to keep your cat from eating, chewing on or licking these very harmful chemicals. 

Tip#3: Keep Meds In a Secure Place

All human medicine poses great danger to any pet when ingested. Make sure that all medication, vitamins and supplements – whether over-the-counter or prescribed – are out of your feline’s reach. Be sure that no pills are left lying out where it can be found and accidentally ingested. 

Tip#4: Watch Out for Fragile Furniture

How to cat – proof your house? Store your fragile valuables away from the general area where your cat is allowed to roam, play and live. Felines are great explorers who live on satisfying their curiosity. They will jump on and off furniture and may accidentally knock over breakable treasures you’ve carefully collected. Save your cat a tongue-lashing and store these valuable objects where they are not reached by your curious Russian Blue.

Tip#5: Don’t Mess with the Plugs

You will want to unplug electrical cords that are not in use – cats are great chewers; and are easily attracted by anything that imitates string. Don’t let your cat to suffer an electric shock when it chews on a live wire. You may use those commercially manufactured wire covers to protect wires from a curious cat. Make sure to also want to cover up any unused electrical sockets with plastic socket covers lest your playful feline get its claw in places it shouldn’t be. These measures will keep your cat from getting a nasty electric shock. 

Anything that mimics string can be a hazard to your friendly feline. Keep blind cords and drapery ropes coiled and out of its reach. Your cat may manage to strangle themself or get caught around a cord. Minimize the dangers to your RB inside the house by taking stock of things it can mistake for playthings.

Tip#6: Cat Nooks

Check all unlikely places where cats may hang out. Felines are known to take a liking to staying in small, dark and quiet spaces so you will want to check dryers, washers, refrigerators, freezers, dresser drawers and most especially; the under belly of cars for their presence. You want to call out the felines name when checking. You can honk the horn of your car to make sure your cat did not camp out and fall asleep under one of the tires while you weren’t looking. This is a good time to remind the potential guardian that the RB is best kept as an indoor cat to spare it from larger-animal attacks; would be cat-thieves, contracting disease and illness from other animals and vehicular accidents.

How to cat – proof your house? Table cloths which are set out act as invitation to investigative felines. Kittens will most likely try to climb the table cloth to inspect what’s atop. This could lead to your best china shattering in a million tiny bits and an unexpected emergency trip to the vet.

Tip#7: Don’t Let ‘Em Drown or Die

Cover all toilets in the house with toilet lids. Keep these lids down when the toilet isn’t in use as a curious kitten may fall into the bowl with no way of getting out on its own. This is especially important when you are at work or away from home. Cats are deft climbers and they will most often find their way into the kitchen sink sooner than you would think. Learning to do things by witnessing, what to you are; inane actions can be amusing as much as it could be dangerous. Cover garbage disposal switches from their prying; curious paws lest they learn to work the garbage disposal switch and get into serious trouble.

Keep In Mind!

How to cat – proof your house? Once more, you want to keep your Russian Blue indoors as an indoor cat – this measure of security will ward off would-be cat-nappers from carting your RB away. You will want to make sure that your door; and window screens do not have tears from which they can exit. You will want to have securely fastened screens; and sturdy latches to lessen the risk of your feline slipping out of the safety of its home unnoticed. 

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