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Labradors need daily exercise.  Forget weekend walks or walks to the park only when you have a day off from work or a free afternoon.  If you don’t have the time to provide them with daily exercise, then a Lab probably isn’t for you.

This breed is a very active dog with lots of energy that needs to be released.  Otherwise, they’ll become restless and probably even destructive if kept indoors for long stretches of time.  It is also important to provide them with sufficient mental and physical stimulation.  Train them, or have them trained by a professional.  In addition, they should be allowed to play – apart from their regular walks.  Labradors Retrievers are – well, retrievers by nature, so a good fetching game should be very enjoyable to them. 

They are also noted for being good swimmers – they are uniquely suited to swimming, with a waterproof coat, webbed feet, and an “otter” tail.  The modern Labrador can actually trace their origins back to the St. John’s water dog – a name which should speak for itself.  These were fishermen’s companions who used to haul nets and fetch game for their masters, diving right into the water to do so.  With such a distinguished origin and background, why don’t you let them test out their ancestry by letting them swim a few laps?  And if you’re worried about bringing home a wet dog – remember that their coats are water proof!  All you probably need to do is give them a good rinse to wash off any accumulated chlorine, saltwater, or other substances that can severely dry their beautiful coats.

            So invest in a good leash, and make sure their tags are properly attached to their collars.  And when going out, especially during very active days in the summer, always remember to keep your dog (and yourself) properly hydrated.

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