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If you are new to raising and petting Abyssinian Cats; the crucial things you need to prioritize amongst shelter, care, behaviors to do, behaviors to avoid, vitamins to introduce; vitamins that do more harm than good, is of course their favorite cat food intake. Foods for cats, just as humans are extremely important to maximize their health and well-being. To aid their growth and to support their development; the right foods are a must and must be prioritized day by day. With that in mind, here are foods that hold to their favorites, their hatred, and their harm. 

What Foods Do They Need?

Fish, Meat, Melon, and Spinach are some of the whole foods that hold a lot of importance; and that are safe for our Abyssinian Cats. These are their top favorite cat food for Abyssinian cats. Fish are great for them because it helps with their eyesight, the growth; and strengthening of their joints and aid also in their brain health. 

Meat, poultry, beef, and any other meat are generally a great option since Abyssinian cats are carnivores. These are high in protein that is great for them to stimulate energy; and therefore making them energized, healthy; and can do all their activities without compromising fatigue and exhaustion that might lead to serious health problems. 

Melons are a great snack and treat for Abyssinian cats because they are rich in vitamins A and C. They generally love and enjoy these. 

Abyssinian cats sure do love to play with grass; that is why it is no joke that they love their leafy greens. Spinach is high in vitamins and a great snack to feed them; just keep in mind that those with kidney or urinary problems are an exception with these since in that case, spinach is not for them. 

When it comes to processed cat foods that are great Abyssinian cats, you should check those processed cat foods that are high in protein; mixed with a balanced amount of carbohydrates, amino acids, and that are high in vitamins and minerals. It is also important that it is balanced between dry and wet cat food. Wet cat foods, while making cats hydrated can lead to them having dental problems. Dry cat food, on the other hand; is not the best option for them either as cats have a stubborn habit of skipping their water intake; which might lead to them having kidney problems. 

Favorite Cat Food Picks

The top three best Abyssinian “favorite cat food picks;” are Nom Nom Chicken Chow Meow Cat Food, which are all-natural, grain-free food. Made with fresh poultry, then mixed with fruits and vegetables, making them highly nutritious and beneficial. It comes with custom packaging made convenient for meal times since it is already portioned. Second, on the list is Instinct by Nature’s Variety, which contains probiotics to support a healthy digestive system and antioxidants for a nourished immune system. Made with absolutely natural ingredients; which means no harmful additives and preservatives; grain-free, and guaranteed 95% protein from real chicken, guaranteeing optimum health. Making it to the third is Hound & Gatos Chicken & Liver Formula Cat Food, it is made of 100% meat protein; with added vitamins and minerals completing the balanced and healthy diet your cat deserves. It is made simple, suitable especially for Abyssinian cats with food sensitivities and allergies. 

What Do They Hate?

Discussing foods our Abyssinian cats seem to hate, comes banana, old fish, and citrus fruits. Bananas, because of cats’ sensitivity to scents, banana is off-limits for them no matter how nutritious and tasty it is. It also results in owners rubbing a banana peel on parts of their house they want to keep away from cats, and they work just fine. Old fish, just as we like our food fresh, cats similar to us absolutely hate the smell of spoiled foods, especially fish. Lastly, they are not big fans of citrus fruits either, both their strong scent and tastes, they do not bother to get their tongue on them. 

Dairy Products

Finally, shedding light on favorite cat food that are bad for our Abyssinian cats comes Dairy products, Raw foods, and Onions and garlic. Dairy products, such as milk and cheese are bad for our cats because cats are lactose intolerant, feeding them dairy products will cause upset stomachs, vomiting, and diarrhea. Moreover, kittens should not be receiving milk because it robs them of the opportunity to nurture their growing tummies, instead they should be drinking kitten-specific milk formulas, or at best, their mother’s milk. Raw eggs, meat, or fish may contain alarmingly dangerous E.coli and salmonella bacteria, these can lead to your cats having diarrhea, can cause vomiting, and lethargy. This can be fatal as well, so please be aware and be responsible for keeping them away from your cats.

Now that we are aware of Abyssinian cats’ favorites foods, foods they hate, and foods that can harm them, it is time to take this knowledge into your hand as a responsible owner and give more of what seems to make your cats happy, excluding what they hate and protecting them for foods that can potentially harm them. Remember that as owners, our cats’ health is our sole responsibility and we owe it to them to make their food intake as healthy and as harmless as possible. 

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