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What diseases are Abyssinian cats prone to? Before we talk about the health issues they face, Abyssinian cats are quite a special breed. They are the type of kitties that can sense their owner’s mood. They are generally curious pets and the breed has purred its way into many hearts. Expect them to be alert, entertaining, and graceful yet agile. They love interacting with their owners and they are also fond of jumping off high places. We will tackle more about their personality later in this article. What diseases are Abyssinian cats prone to? They live quite a long life but they are also susceptible in various illnesses. In this article, you’ll learn what diseases are Abyssinian cats prone to?

Abyssinian Cat Personality

As mentioned earlier, they are generally fun – loving and friendly cats but no cat is perfect. Some cons of owning an Abyssinian kitty include the following:

  • They want to be involved in whatever you’re doing which sometimes could be annoying if you’re not yet used to it.
  • Abyssinian cats don’t like to be left alone so this may not be the cat for you if you’re out of the house all day. However, you can always keep another feline as a pet.
  • Because of their curiosity, they tend to always find a way to escape and wander around
  • They may not do well in apartments or small confined spaces. They need lots of room or a spacious environment.

On the positive side, the Abyssinian breed is full of personality. They are generally outgoing and loves to hang around with you even with strangers. Make sure to include them in your daily activities, and expect them to be inquisitive in their environment. They are an affectionate and playful breed which makes them a great cat companion.

What Diseases Are Abyssinian Cats Prone To: Health Information

What diseases are Abyssinian cats prone to? As a potential pet owner, it is your responsibility to take care of your cat. In this section, we have listed some common health issues that you need to learn. This will help you keep your Abyssinian kitty healthy and happy. By knowing the health issues that they are prone to, you can tailor a preventive measure or plan your pet’s health accordingly. This way you can decrease the risks in your pet.

Hereditary Health Issues

What diseases are Abyssinian cats prone to? The diseases and health issues that Abyssinian kitties face are usually genetic. This means that it’s something they got from their parents and lineage. The conditions you will learn have a significant rate of incidence and also a strong impact that affects the breed. This is based on vet practitioners and genetic researchers.

However, this doesn’t mean that your cat will eventually have these issues; it only means they are at higher risk compared to other cat breeds. Make sure to watch out for any signs or symptoms. And if need be, take your pet to the veterinarian immediately.

Weight Management

What diseases are Abyssinian cats prone to? Obesity is the number one disease that contributes to a huge number of health issues and also deaths not just in cats but also in other common household pets.

This finding is more understood and well – known today compared in the last few decades. Unfortunately, many keepers are not paying close attention to the dangers of being overweight. Excess weight is perhaps one of the most influential factors that contribute to the development of other illnesses. This may include heart problems, diabetes, arthritis and the likes. Did you know that shedding off a few pounds can highly improve your pet’s health? They can become more active and prevent the onset of health issues in the long run.

Stay Fit Aby Kitty!

So how can you help your Abyssinian kitty stay fit? The best way is to understand and watch what your pet eats. Developing good dietary habits will go a long way. The average cat prefers to eat at around 10 – 15 times a day but make sure that it’s just a nibble. Free – feeding may work well depending on your cat. However, boredom can increase your cat’s appetite if food can be access anytime he/ she wants. Another thing you can do is to keep your pet engaged and active. This can definitely help your pet stay healthy at the same time have some fun.

What you can do is to tie a string to a stick with something fuzzy on the end and just let your pet run after it. You can also do food puzzles where you can put it in a paper bag. This will encourage your pet to do an activity before getting a treat.

Dental Disease

What diseases are Abyssinian cats prone to? Another chronic problem of Abyssinian kitties is dental disease. This is a huge problem in most pets because unlike humans, they don’t brush their teeth after eating or on a regular basis. Unfortunately most cats know how to groom their body but not their teeth. This actually includes your Abyssinian cat. Without help from you, he/ she will most likely develop a serious dental problem.

Dental diseases usually starts with food residue. This residue then gets stuck and becomes a tartar which builds up on their teeth. If not prevented, it could lead to gum infections and tooth decay. What you can do in order to protect your pet from dental diseases is by removing food residue on a regular basis. This will ultimately help delay the onset of dental problems.

If not, dental problems can be very stressful for your cat. It’s also going to be quite expensive on your part. In severe cases, your Abyssinian kitty might lose his/ her teeth, or sustain a damage in their internal organs. So make sure to schedule a regular routine dental exam for your pet. We hope you learned a lot about this topic and we hope you answered your question, what diseases are Abyssinian cats prone to?


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