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Furr parents, is your child dog engaging in a loud persistent cough; as if they were choked by air or something? Keeping them up all night with no energy through the day? And many more unfortunate things occurring such as discharges, fever, sneezing? Your dog might have acquired what we call Kennel Cough, and do not worry; as it might sound horrible but it is fairly treatable, and timely; I am going to discuss a comprehensive guide to finding a cure for it. If you suspect your dog has acquired Kennel Cough and want to dive into its curing options, keep on reading.


Kennel Cough, also recognized as canine infectious respiratory disease (CIRD) and infectious tracheobronchitis, is a respiratory disease in dogs. It causes the bronchioles and trachea to become painful and inflamed, which then results in a forceful, dry persistent cough. The cough sounds like there is something that is logged in your dog’s throat as if it is choking. 

Kennel Cough can be acquired due to inhaling multiple microorganisms, including canine adenovirus; Bordetella bronchiseptica bacteria, mycoplasma, parainfluenza virus; and many more bacteria and virus, they can be triggered by cigarette smokes too. 

It is highly contagious among dogs; usually in areas where there are really lots of them such as shelters; training buildings, dog shows, grooming facilities, and dog parks; as it typically spreads in the secretion of an infected dog. 

This is considered by veterinarians as a condition that is not serious and can really be managed and treated easily; however, there is still a risk of a dog becoming severely ill, with manifestations of life-threatening pneumonia; if it is unhealthy in other factors as well. 

Cures of Kennel Cough 

The main treatment option for mild cases of Kennel cough is mainly resting. Allowing your dog to rest for one to two weeks without it engaging in stressful activities and situations. As well as giving them increased nutrition and hydration. To reduce the frequency of the cough, a cough suppressant may be added. 

Usually, these are all great and will help your dog heal and recover. However, there also exist severe cases of Kennel Cough and its treatment consists of: 

  • Hospitalization, to aid in monitoring and emergency scenario occurrence. 
  • Intravenous fluids, for boosting of the immune system, energy levels, and overall respiratory condition.
  • Antibiotics, to aid in fighting bacterial infections. 
  • Oxygen therapy boosts stamina, energy levels and reduces shortness of breath. It also helps your dog to get back up its physical exertion. 

Home Remedies to Aid in Kennel Cough

If your dog is suffering from a mild case of Kennel cough; there are a number of at-home remedies for it that are supported by researchers and veterinarians. Let us discover them. 

Adding honey to its warm water 

Honey greatly aids in soothing your dog’s throat and it also decreases the frequency of coughing. To do this, you can give your dog a one-half tablespoon of honey; that is combined with a little warm water in its feeding bowl. Do this three times a day, depending on the frequency of its coughing. 

Utilize a humidifier 

A humidifier is beneficial as it will moisten the air that your dog breathes through. Resulting in decreased irritation of its respiratory tract. Place a small humidifier on your dog while it is resting. 

Steam therapy in your home shower 

Another great remedy is if you are taking a hot shower; you can let your dog stay in the closed bathroom as you are busy showering. You are not to take them with you in the shower; just have to place your dog wherein the stream can reach it, and it will help with their respiratory irritation. 

Preventive Measures for Kennel Cough 

You can prevent your dog from acquiring Kennel Cough by getting it vaccinated. There exists a vaccine that targets bordetella bacteria, the most common agent that causes Kennel Cough to exist. The vaccine can be given either oral, intranasal, or injectables, and based on its form; is how frequent their dosage and sessions. Either way, they are all equally effective and guaranteed protection against Kennel Cough. 

You are also to prevent your dog from acquiring the disease by only visiting various dog facilities; that check for a Kennel Cough vaccination card; as it is really highly contagious. 

Moreover, keeping your dog away from places with such poor air quality and ventilation will help it to stay protected, and if you are a smoker, quit it as cigarette smokes trigger its existence. In addition, taking hygiene practices such as not allowing your dog to drink in communal water dishes, thoroughly washing your hands and clothes, frequent air disinfection, and really keeping an environment that is neat will help minimize the risk of your dog acquiring Kennel Cough. 


Make sure to always look after how your dog is currently doing. Kennel Cough might not be a serious medical condition, but it has the capacity to turn into one. And, assuming that you suspect your dog that it has it, a one calls away from your trusted veterinarian to book an appointment is highly encouraged. At the end of the day, who will our dog rely on for the help they need? Always adhere to responsible pet parenting, and your journey toward petting dogs, no matter how many you want, will guarantee to be smooth sailing. 

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