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Siberian cats may not be as active as the other conventional pet counterparts; which are dogs, but that does not have to stand in the way of having quality time with them. Did you know that these adorable creatures can become irritable and sad if not given enough stimulation? They, too, actually crave bonding moments. Here is the list of awesome and fun cat activities you can do with your tabby to promote health, well-being; and strong lovely bonds. 

Take your cat for a walk 

Coming off as a surprise, leash walking is not only designed for dogs. If you keep your cat indoors all day; for every day, you may consider giving them a breath of fresh air and taking them on walks now and then. Leash walking allows you to have total control of where and when your cat is going, so you do not need to worry about supervision and their safety; as for sure you’ll do them well. 

Training your cat to walk on a leash also takes some time; and with this, you should opt for starting while they are still young, so they can swiftly get used to it. Reminder, do not compel them to walk outdoors if they are extremely stressed out. 

Hide and Seek 

Hide-and-seek unleashes the predatory nature stored in our friendly felines. You can hide behind a couch, table, desk, and they will eagerly stalk you as if you are their prey. A variation of this would be to cling one of your cat’s stuffed toys to a string; so you can funnily wiggle it under a blanket. You’ll burst out in laughter as you’ll see your cat trying hard to resist trying to catch the moving toy and the culprit behind it. 

Food Hunting 

Cats also have great natural instincts when it comes to seeking food. You can hide small amounts of treats; fill in interesting spots in your house and let your kitten discover it with or without your guidance. Your cat will be up for this challenge, and is optimistic to succeed! 

Catch a TV Show with your Siberian cat 

Are you stressed out? Bored? Well, a great way for you and your cat to have the enjoyment of their own is to watch TV. It is actually surprising how much cats love shows. Your cat will ever be ready to cuddle up with you together on the couch and watch programs about birds, rodents; and fish. Never a dull moment, secured. 

Play fetch 

Yes, another activity that we should stop gate-keeping on cats is fetching. Many cats love to play fetch, genuinely. To do it, use the same techniques as they do with dogs (that will be positive reinforcements); and you’ll be impressed and enjoyed as you’ll find that your tabby is great in this game. Use small items like catnip toys, as well as pipe cleaners, in doing so. 

Catnip toys always, in all ways 

Cats love and are naturally onto catnip. Thus, catnip toys are never a bad idea. Brand like Wild Instincts, provide toys that are filled with 100% pure catnip. They are splendid in coming up with a variety of shapes; from butterflies down to dragonflies, up until moths that always bring 100% appeal factor to cats of all stripes. 

If you want to take the next level on your catnip game; feel free to introduce your feline to Mad Cat toys. This other amazing brand provides prime catnip and silver vine that delivers a non-toxic, all-natural catnip alternative that is also successful in working for many cats who normally are not amused by catnip. As the name of it goes, give your cat Mad Cat, and it will instantly go mad. 

Give your lovely cat a hug 

One of the simplest yet tops the sweetest thing; give your cat a big fat hug or a simple yet long cuddle session together while peacefully watching a movie, listening to a playlist or just appreciating the beauty of silence. I am blushing, just by typing this. 

Play with lasers 

A great interactive toy for cats is a laser, it is undoubtedly; and undeniably, a fact that stood a lot of times. Lasers are guaranteed to give tons of fun; as your very own kitten will be thrilled to play around with it.  You’ll also get a kick out of watching your tabby twist, turn, twist again, bend and jump super high trying to catch the “bad guy”.

If you are uncertain about a great brand you can purchase from, Pyrus is the way to go. This is a brand that designs lasers specifically for pets. They offer a sleek and fun design that not only holds adorableness; but is a great convenience for owners as well. They are portable and come with variations, from colors, patterns, and consistency of light. Not only that, but it is surely affordable and will not hurt your wallet. 

Teach your kitten some playful tricks

Felines are whimsical, but it does not translate that they cannot be taught how to sit or stand, or jump through hoops. Cats are innately intelligent, and they will do great at them and more, for sure. The easiest trick you can teach your adorable cat is to respond to its name. Remember, cat training should always involve praise in the form of verbal and physical efforts, such as petting, stroking, treats, and positive reinforcements in front of affirmations. 

Dance with your cat 

What other perfect way to end all the fun activities above, if not with dancing? Go to your living room, play some absolutely bop songs, take your cat along with you and just move freely, swiftly, lively, and happily! Enjoy every beat! Dance is a great distressing activity to ever exist. 

Be ready to enhance the already fun and loving relationship you have with your cat!

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