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In this article, we will teach you step – by – step on how to make healthy dog food recipes that your pet dog will surely love! We will also show you later on how to make a dog treat recipe from the making of this particular healthy dog food meal. Below are the ingredients you need to prepare so that you can provide your dog can have a healthy, well – balance and delicious meal!


  • 2 Squashes
  • 2 Carrots
  • 1 – 2 broccolis
  • 2 – 3 potatoes
  • 2 tablespoons of olive oil
  • 1 lemon
  • Salmon

What You Need:

  • Air fryer (or something similar)
  • Rice cooker

How to Prepare

Step #1:

For this meal, we will use salmon, potato chips and some vegetables. We will start off with preparing the vegetables and start simmering them. What’s great about the rice cooker is that it usually comes with a steaming bowl.

Step #2:

We’ll proceed with cutting up the veggies and just placing it in the rice cooker. The great thing about cooking for your dog is that, normally for human food, you have to peel the potato and just throw the skin away but in this case, we’re going to use all parts of the potato since it also contains nutrients that will also be good for your dog’s health plus less waste on your part!

Step #3:

Once you’ve peeled your potato, rinse the skins out so you can get rid of the starch and use a paper towel. Just lay it in there and let them dry. Put the potato aside for now. Do the same thing for your carrots’ peelings. And then also set them aside.

Step #4:

Next is to take the broccoli stems and steam it. You can then feed it to your dogs because they are just as nutritious (make sure to chop it nicely or in bite – size pieces).

Step #5:

Start air – frying some of the potatoes. Make sure to put a tablespoon of olive oil in the air fryer. Then mix the rest of the potatoes with the veggies and start steaming it.

Step #6:

Get your salmon, make sure to remove some bones using a clipper and just slice through the skin and leave a bit of meat on the skin for your pet dog’s treat.

Step #7:

You can use an ounce of protein for every ten pounds of dog for the salmon treat. Keep in mind that this shouldn’t be the serving measurement for your dog’s everyday meal. This is just for the treat, make sure to do your research and ask your vet as well. It should all depend on your dog’s weight, condition and also preference.

Step #8:

Use a pan and heat it up to medium temperature then put on a tablespoon of olive oil before you place your salmon. Make sure to place the skin side of the salmon on the pan and not the other way around. The trick to cooking salmon for you and even your dog is to just leave it in the pan and let it cook by itself. Don’t try to flip it around often like how you would when you’re cooking other types of fishes. Don’t worry because you’ll see and know when the salmon is cooked by noticing the skin of it getting fried. Once the skin is somewhat fried, you can then flip it to let the meat get cooked.

Step #9:

The salmon skin is something that your dog might love and it’s also nutritious for them since it contains omega and other nutrients. You can start peeling the skin off the salmon with your tongs. You’ll find that it’s just going to come right off if you cook the skin side well.

Step #10:

Once it’s all cooked up, you can take it off the burner and just let it cool. Meanwhile, you can already prepare the steamed veggies and air fried potatoes for your dogs. Just mix all the steam veggies into one bowl, and then put the salmon on top of it. You can now sprinkle the fried potato peelings and place the salmon skin into the bowl as well.

Step #11:

Make sure to mix the bowl a bit so that it will be easier for your pet dog to eat. If you notice as well, we didn’t use any seasonings and that’s because dogs don’t need salt or those extra things. The second reason is because you can add a bit of lemon into your dog’s meal just so he/ she can have that lemony flavor in there but make sure to just squeeze in a bit.

DIY Dog Treat

The ingredients you just used can become another healthy dog food treat recipe! It’s also easy and simple, and your dog will surely want more!

The first step is to grab a salmon again with the skin on, now if you have a left over from what you have used earlier then that’s good because you don’t have to buy again. What we’re going to do this time is to take the salmon skin and turn it into a dog treat.

The two ingredients you’ll need is salmon skin and coconut oil. The next thing you need to do is take the salmon skin and cover it with coconut oil. Make sure to preset your oven to around 250 degrees. Make sure to cover both the skin and the meat side of the salmon with coconut oil.

The next step is to roll your salmon and place it in a foil and pop it in the oven for about 20 minutes. Let it bake and let it cool before serving it up to your dog! We hope this article help you in making healthy dog food recipes.

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