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Before starting to buy dog foods that are perfect for the Shiba Inu, it is crucial to learn more about nutrition so you can provide him with what his body needs exactly. One important point you should remember, in this case, is the fact that he is pretty little. Since this breed only weighs around 17 to 23 lbs., the food he needs to eat is a bit lower compared to larger dog breeds. 

However, you should constantly remind yourself about the importance of finding the perfect balance between too little and too much. It is the key to ensuring that your dog will receive enough food and nutrition. In most cases, a typical 17-lb. Shiba Inu puppy who has a normal activity level requires around 342 kcal daily. 

However, if the Shiba Inu is more energetic and active, then you may need to provide him with more foods – up to 545 kcal daily. This should be enough to keep up with his higher activity level. Once he gets older, you can also expect his active personality to dwindle a bit. 

He will become a bit less active, which can prompt you to lessen his kibble to around 280 kcal daily. Also, remember that these dogs are small, which means that you do not have to feed them too much. It is even crucial to regulate and control their meals to prevent them from overeating. 

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