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How to cat – proof a Teacup Persian? Felines are simply relentless when their innate curiosity is aroused. Their playful and curious nature is the basis of sayings, idioms and quotes that reference their mischief and playfulness. How to cat – proof a Teacup Persian? Cats usually get themselves in enough trouble to support these claims. Teacup Persian, even their mellow characteristic and would still have to be protected from things that could cause harm or pose danger to them. How to cat – proof a Teacup Persian? Cat-proof your house as it will not only benefit your new Teacup Persian but also guarantees it a space that is safe, cat-worthy and feline-friendly. Doing so will also give you the peace of mind in order that you and your family live with your new Teacup Persian safely. Take stock of breakable and treasured items as you get ready to cat-proof your home.

Ready to Cat – Proof Your House?

How to cat – proof a Teacup Persian? Make mental notes of areas around your house where there may be things lying around that the new cat could play with and start making a list. Keep in mind the tips below:

Tip #1

Teacup Persian is remarkably smart felines. Keep in mind that they have keen intelligence and are highly trainable.  It has been noticed that Teacup Persian learns through observation and repetition. Teacup Persian has been noted to learn opening closed doors simply by observing how their humans do this. Avoid this by using childproof latches to keep your cat from chewing on or eating harmful chemicals.

Save your cat a tongue-lashing and store breakable valuables away from any social area where your cat play is allowed to be in because cats are infamous explorers who thrive on satisfying their curiosity. They will leap off and on furniture. They might knock over fragile treasures you’ve carefully collected accidentally. You can either box them up or store them in rooms where your Teacup Persian isn’t allowed to be in.

Tip #2

What may be good for us is usually not good for felines. All medicine for humans is extremely dangerous to pets if accidentally eaten. Take pains that all supplements, vitamins and medication – whether prescribed or over-the-counter – are out of your pet’s reach. Make sure that pills are not left lying out where it can be found and ingested accidentally. Anything that mimics string can be a hazard to your playful Teacup Persian. Keep drapery ropes and blind cords coiled and away from your pets reach. Your feline may accidentally get coiled and strangle themselves or get tangled around a cord. Lessen the hazards to your Teacup Persian indoors by keeping stock of things it can mistake for playthings.

Tip #3

How to cat – proof a Teacup Persian? You have to unplug electrical cords that are not in use because cats are infamous for chewing on anything stringy-looking and are easily tempted by anything that mimics string. Be safe because you wouldn’t your Teacup Persian to suffer an electric shock should it gnaw on a live wire that is plugged into live sockets. You could invest on and use commercially manufactured wire covers to protect wires from a curious cat.

Tip #4

Check all unlikely nooks and crannies where your cats may want to hang out. Felines take a liking to hanging out in dark, cramped and quiet areas. Make a habit of checking washers, dryers, freezers, refrigerators, and dresser drawers. Most especially, check the underside of cars and wheels for their presence. You need to call out the cat’s name when doing this. Honk the horn of your car a couple of times just to make sure your cat isn’t camped out there and had fallen asleep on one of the tires while your back was turned.

Tip #5

Keep toilet lids down when the toilet isn’t in use. A curious kitten could fall into the bowl and not manage to climb out on its own. This is especially crucial to remember when you are at work or away from home. To avoid this, start making a habit of closing toilet covers if you haven’t yet. We all know how awesome cats are at climbing. They may soon find their way up the kitchen sink sooner than you expect. Cats learning to do things humans do by observation can be amusing as much as dangerous. Seal up garbage disposal switches with switch boxes to keep their curious, prying paws or they might just learn how to work the garbage disposal switch and get themselves or someone else into serious trouble.

Tip #4

How to cat – proof a Teacup Persian? Keep and raise your Teacup Persian indoors; this is to avoid possible cat – nappers from carting your Teacup Persian  away. Remember that they are friendly, trusting felines and would not know the difference of a friend or a foe unless they come across some form of trauma. You need to make sure that your window screens and screen doors do not have tears where they can slip through and exit the home. You need to have screens securely fastened and strong latches to reduce the risk of your Teacup Persian from slipping out of safety unnoticed.

Tip #6

Keep them in locked cupboards or stack them in a closed pantry. Make certain that any food set outside of the pantry or fridge is tightly sealed in spill-proof covered containers. Calling out the name of your Teacup Persian  and clapping usually does the job of dissuading it from further mischief and trouble.

Tip #7

Cats are hunters by nature and will hunt, scrounge and rummage for food, fun or because of curiosity. Avoid off this natural habit of getting into places where it shouldn’t by making certain your trash bins are tightly covered and won’t spill out in the event of cat curiosity. This will also save you from cleaning up a mess as well as a smelly cat.

Tip #8

Cats will typically play with small items that they can push around. Put away tiny valuables because your little fur ball is the sort of pet who likes to play with small, shiny objects. Vitamins, medication, and/or prescription drugs are to be kept away from its reach and hidden from sight. The dangers of having your Teacup Persian  ingest a meant-for-human pill is the last thing you want to happen and will warrant a trip to the emergency room. The discomfort the cat has to endure to expel this from its body can be uncomfortable. Best that owners of pets avoid this preventable trip to vet by keeping all medicine locked away. Supplies used for cleaning the house commonly contain extremely toxic substances that can poison and make your cat very ill or worse. Keep these products out of sight and away from your Teacup Persian kitten.


How to cat – proof a Teacup Persian? These safety and preventive tips are aimed to benefit your friendly feline as well as you and your family in order for you to make your home safe from accidents and fairly intact. Store away things that may pose harm to your family, yourself and your cat. Doing so minimizes the possible incidence of danger to your family members.

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