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To make sure that you get a well-bred, healthy and robust Pacman frog, your best bet is to look around for a legitimate breeder. Feel free to ask around at the various frog or amphibian forums online and you may also be able to get a personal recommendation from friends or your local veterinarian. Once you have your list of breeders on hand you can go through them one-by-one to narrow down your options.

Here are the following guidelines for you to be able to choose a reputable Pacman frog breeder:

Do a Background Check on the Breeder

Visit the website for each breeder on your list (if they have one) and look for key information about the breeder’s history and experience.

·    Check for licenses or document registrations to ensure the legitimacy of the breeder, if applicable.

·    If the website doesn’t provide any information about the facilities or the breeder you are best just moving on.

Interview the Breeders

Now that you have narrowed down some breeders, contact the remaining breeders on your list by phone

·    Ask the breeder questions about his experience with breeding frogs in general and about the specific Pacman frog breed you are looking for.

·    Ask for information about the breeding stock including registration and health information (if they have any).

·    Expect a reputable breeder to ask you questions about yourself as well – a responsible breeder wants to make sure that his frogs go to good homes.

Do an Onsite Inspection

Schedule an appointment to visit the facilities for the remaining breeders on your list after you’ve weeded a few of them out.

·    Ask for a tour of the facilities, including the place where the frog collections are kept.

·    If the surroundings look unorganized or unclean, do not purchase from the breeder or from the local pet store.

·    Make sure the collections are in good condition and that the Pacman frogs are all healthy – looking and active.

Characteristics of a Reputable Breeder

By this time you should have narrowed down the best of the best breeders on your list, before making a decision consider every factor to make the most out of it. Make sure the breeder provides some kind of health guarantee and ask about any medical information on the Pacman frogs may already have. Below are some characteristics you should look out for when selecting a reputable breeder.

·    The breeder should be willing to educate or explain and answer all your questions expertly.

·    The breeder should allow on – site visits, however if you are far from the place, you should be able to request photos or videos from the breeder and he/she should gladly show them to you so that you won’t waste your time.

·    The breeder should offer a contract and some sort of warranty.

·    The breeder should be willing to take back or rehome the frog regardless of the situation.

·    The breeder should allow you to reach him/her before and after purchasing the Pacman frog.

·    The breeder should be able to provide health records and also have contacts with veterinarian as well as firsthand information about the Pacman frog’s overall health.

·    The breeder should also explain to you the risks or the cons of keeping one as a pet not just its advantages.

·    The breeder should be transparent and honest about how they raised and bred frogs so that you’ll know that they’re reputable and a caring owner as well.

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