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Finding the nearest Weimaraner breeder to your home could be as simple as plugging in some search terms in your Internet browser. You cannot guarantee, however, that the first results will be the best. Take the time to assemble a list of different breeders; drawing on all of your resources such as recommendations from friends or veterinarians, AKC or Kennel Club breeder listings; and Internet search results. Once you have your list of breeders on hand you can go through them one-by-one to narrow down your options. Go through the steps on the following pages to do so:

  • Visit the website for each breeder on your list (if they have one); and look for key information about the breeder’s history and experience.
    • Check for club registrations and a license, if applicable.
    • If the website doesn’t provide any information about the facilities or the breeder you are best just moving on.
  • After ruling out some of the breeders, contact the remaining breeders on your list by phone
    • Ask the breeder questions about his experience with breeding dogs in general and about the Weimaraner breed in particular.
    • Ask for information about the breeding stock including registration numbers and health information.
    • Expect a reputable breeder to ask you questions about yourself as well – a responsible breeder wants to make sure that his puppies go to good homes.
  • Schedule an appointment to visit the facilities for the remaining breeders on your list after you’ve weeded a few more of them out.
    • Ask for a tour of the facilities; including the place where the breeding stock is kept as well as the facilities housing the puppies.
    • If things look unorganized or unclean, do not purchase from the breeder.
    • Make sure the breeding stock is in good condition and that the puppies are all healthy-looking and active.
  • Narrow down your list to a final few options and then interact with the puppies to make your decision.
    • Make sure the breeder provides some kind of health guarantee and ask about any vaccinations the puppies may have already received.
  • Put down a deposit, if needed, to reserve a puppy if they aren’t ready to come home yet.

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