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How to create a cat turf? Felines prefer to spend more time in high places; and having them navigate through these structures will surely be a good exercise and entertainment for them. How to create a cat turf? You need to also keep containers closed at all times. Kittens are naturally curious and are more likely to climb whatever structures they can. It is a must to keep water containers, garbage cans; and washers & dryers closed at all times as cats can get trapped inside when they fall.

Creating a Safe Cat Turf

How to create a cat turf? Bear in mind that an open toilet bowl could attract thirsty kittens; and may cause drowning, so protect your feline friends by keeping those lids closed. Of course, a home is not complete if you do not provide comfortable beddingin ideal resting areas. Cats in general enjoy resting in dry and warm areas, usually in corners where they feel more secure. Try to get creative and make cat beds from soft materials such as polyester fleece cloth; so you wouldn’t need to spend much on new beds. Studies show that cats that sleep on soft surfaces tend to rest longer than those who sleep on hard surfaces.

Another thing to keep in mind is to not encourage your cat to nap near hot surfaces like stoves or fireplaces. Although they enjoy resting in warm areas, the fireplace and kitchen top are absolutely not safe places for rest. Gently wake up your cat and move it to a safer spot to remind them that these are not the correct places for napping.

Litter Box

How to create a cat turf? When it comes to essentials, make sure to allot one litter tray for your pet. This is also the ideal allocation if you have several cats at home to ensure good toilet behavior. Remember that cleaning the litter box at least once per day is a must because some cats won’t use a tray that’s been soiled. You’ll find a variety of cat litter in the groceries, and it may take some experimenting to know which type is the most ideal for your cat. Also keep in mind that the locations of the litter box; and feeding bowls must be at least 0.50 meters apart and not be interchanged to prevent confusion.

Cat Turf Tips

Turf Tip #1

How to create a cat turf? Never leave hazardous and poisonous chemicals exposed.Cats are curious and playful in nature. They will tinker with almost every object they come across with; and you wouldn’t want you cat suddenly knocking over that bottle of bleach or detergent, or worse, accessing roach and rodent killers. Make sure to keep all dangerous substances secured in cabinets with locks. It’s also best to keep away toxic plants at home. Not all plants can be used as catnip, some turn out to be harmful to cats. The most common toxic houseplants are lilies, poinsettia Philodendron, and mistletoe. While garden plants that you should keep your cat away from are daffodils and azaleas.

Turf Tip #2

Do not leave cords and strings dangling.Both adult cats and kittens love chewing; and playing with things they can reach or find on the ground. The problem is getting badly entangled in these wires could cause choking. Make sure tape and secure electrical wiring properly. Kittens may think wires are fun to play with; but one wrong bite on this and they’ll end up getting badly hurt or electrocuted, and may even cause electrical problems in your home. Avoid problems by checking the house for loose wirings before bringing in a new pet. Don’t scatter items like hair ties, rubber hands, ribbons, cable ties, rubber erasers, thread, yard, small toy pieces, doll accessories etc.

Turf Tip #3

One way of making sure that your Savannah cat does not play around hazardous materials is to ensure; that you provided physically and mentally stimulating cat toys to keep them busy. Savannah cat is known for their intelligence. They easily learn how to open doors, press buttons, and so much more that could get them into trouble. Giving your cat some toys would keep it busy and entertained.

Cat Playpen

How to create a cat turf? Once you’ve got the furniture ready for your pet’s arrival; it’s now time to know how you can enhance the quality of your cat’s life under your watch. Having an ideal house arrangement for pet cat is only the tip of the iceberg because as an owner; you’ll need to plan their enrichment activities. Just like humans, pets can get easily bored as well. Playtimes commonly happen after their naps; and this is a good time to stimulate their brain through interaction and physical activities.

Savannah Cat the Explorer

How to create a cat turf? Most cats enjoy looking out windows and observing other people and animals. You can also try letting your Savannah cat explore your garden; but only if you are there to supervise him/ her. You wouldn’t want to chase them through the neighborhood, so make sure that your gates are closed; and never let your cat out of your sight.

Stimulating Music

If you’re ever tried listening to classical music; you’d know how effective it can be as a stress reliever – cats included! Some say that it has the same effects on cats and other household pets. Although it hasn’t been proven; there’s no harm in playing soothing music for your Savannah cat whenever you see it being hyper active or agitated. Certain types of sounds stimulate their auditory senses.

It is highly likely for cats to enjoy music that mimic the rhythm and tonal qualities of purrs. However; the type of music we usually like is definitely not the type they enjoy, so be sensitive to your pet before deciding to blast music from your speakers. It hasn’t been determined yet whether cats prefer high-pitched or low-pitched sounds. Generally speaking, extremely loud noise could be harmful to your cat.


How to create a cat turf? Catnip is absolutely safe for cats, but feeding them too much of this may cause diarrhea or vomiting. To avoid habituation, it’s recommended that you don’t give catnip more than once every two to three weeks. Catnip is readily available in pet supplies stores, along with toys stuffed with it. Olfactory stimulation should also be on your priority as cats are born with a highly – developed sense of smell.

If you can observe, cats immediately react to certain smells as they get easily attracted by the scent of deliciously – cooked food, and they instantly back away from people, food; or objects whose scent they don’t like or recognize. You can help enhance their sense of smell by providing posts or surfaces for scratching. This is especially helpful when you have more than one cat at home as cats communicate via their scent glands.

Feeding Frenzy

How to create a cat turf? Meal time is every pet’s most loved daily activity. Full and satisfied cats are happy cats as they sleep more soundly and behave better when they are not deprived of a good meal. Since cats like the Savannah cat breed are natural hunters, letting them perform natural feeding behaviors could greatly stimulate their appetite and even their brain functions. In the wild, cats hunt often and they end up eating ten small meals daily.

Food Puzzle

How to create a cat turf? Food puzzle toys enables cat to figure out how to work the object in order to get its food. You can provide treat ballswherein the cat has to roll the ball until cat food falls from the tiny holes all over the ball. You can make one at home by cutting holes on small containers, water bottles, or even toilet paper roles, and then, putting dry food inside it. Your cat will surely be intrigued by the sound the treats make when it moves the container.

Another type of food puzzle will not only allow cats to experience natural feeding behaviors is known as foraging feeders. It can also help prevent cats from over indulging that leads to obesity. It mimics the experience of scooping out food from small, difficult spaces, which cats in the wild usually do. You can also play circuit boards which is a type of food puzzle toy was initially created for animals kept in zoos or in laboratories for observation. Cats simply manipulate objects in the circuit board in order to get their food. You can either buy ready-made boards or make one yourself.

Keep In Mind

How to create a cat turf? You see each cat is unique and special in its own way, and sometimes they can get unpredictable. By doing your part as an owner, you are eliminating possible causes of behavior problems for house cats, such as frustration, boredom, and stress.

Not a lot of cat owners know how important it is to stimulate cats mentally and physically, and so they, too, become problematic when their pet cat starts destroying furniture, being loud or vocal at night, being aggressive, or worse, getting sick. All of these things can be avoided by being aware of your cat’s need to express their natural behaviors. The amount of time a cat will finally feel comfortable in its new home varies according to its past experiences and personality. Giving a cat ample time to adjust to a new home will be beneficial both for you and your pet.

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