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Below are some guidelines on how you will properly feed your tomato frog:

  • Check the nutritional value: Make sure that you are providing the best food for your pet. See to it that they will receive enough vitamins and minerals
  • Gut-load the prey: If you are going to feed your frog with insects, it is advisable that you gut load its food first with ingredients that is high in calcium and low in phosphorus, goitrogens, and oxalates.
  • Establish Meal Schedules: Be sure that you are following the right schedule when to feed your tomato frog
  • Do not overfeed: Make sure that the amount of food you are providing for your frog would only be enough. Do not overfeed it as it may cause several digestive problems.
  • Use thong if you aren’t used to touching insects: It is under your discretion if you are going to hand-feed your frog. If you aren’t comfortable with handling insects, you may use thong s or any other tools in feeding your pet.

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