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Backyard Breeder

There are lots of backyard breeders selling Tomato Frogs. Buying from them may look appealing as they really know how to persuade customers but you must take precaution and think twice before buying. You cannot be certain on the health of the frogs in their custody. There’s a chance that these frogs are illegally imported from the wild that may suffer from poor health conditions resulting from importation damages.  Frogs who have lived in the wild may face problems when they have been captured.  It may face difficulty in adjusting to its new environment. Make sure that the backyard breeder you are transacting with has a good reputation.

Local Pet Stores

You may check on the nearest pet store in your area if they are selling Tomato Frogs.  Be sure that the store has provided a good living condition for the frog. If not, do not think twice and leave. If the frog has been kept in a not so good environment there’s a chance that it is infected with certain diseases. It is not recommended for you to buy in pet stores since it is believed by some animal groups that their industry is made to make profit out of the expense of these wild animals.

Amphibian Convention

This type of convention is exclusively made for amphibian enthusiasts. In here you can meet reputable sellers and other frog owners as well. You can get referrals from other patrons in order for you to now to whom should you purchase a frog. This is not a daily event. You have to wait for months or years before another convention will be held in your place.

Reminder: Always ask for referrals before dealing with breeders. There are several forums online on which they are giving reviews and recommendations of several breeders.

What kind of Tomato frog should I purchase?

It is advisable for you to acquire a captive bred frog. This kind of frog may be a little costly but it will be more economical in the future. If you purchase a captive bred frog, you can be sure that they have been taken care of properly. There is no chance that they are carrying any in illnesses which can save you bucks from medical expenses. They can easily adapt to the new environment they belong to compared to those that have been captured in the wild.

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