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How to puppy – proof your Saint Bernard pet? Before you bring your puppy home, you should set up a particular area in your home for him to call his own. The ideal setup will include your puppy’s crate, a comfy dog bed, his food and water bowls, an assortment of toys, and litter trays since this breed are indoor dogs. How to puppy – proof your Saint Bernard pet? You can arrange all of these items in a small room that is easy to block off using indoor fences or gates, or you can use a puppy playpen to give your puppy some free space while still keeping him somewhat confined. How to puppy – proof your Saint Bernard pet? It would be ideal to choose a room where most of the activity in the house happens so that your puppy won’t feel isolated.

Puppy Crate

When you bring your puppy home you’ll have to work with him a lot to get him used to the crate. It is very important that you do this because the last thing you want is your puppy to form a negative association with the crate. If this happens, it will be very difficult to make your puppy forget it and it will most likely ruin your success at house training. 

It is vital that your puppy learns that the crate is his own special place, a place where he can go to relax and take a nap if he wants to. If you use the crate as punishment, your puppy will not want to use it. To get your puppy used to the crate, try tossing a few treats into it and let him go fish them out. Feeding your puppy his meals in the crate with the door open will be helpful as well.

You can also incorporate the crate into your playtime, tossing toys into the crate or hiding treats under a blanket in the crate. As your puppy gets used to the crate you can start keeping him in it with the door closed for short periods of time, working your way up to longer periods. Just be sure to let your puppy outside before and after you confine him and never force him to stay in the crate for longer than he is physically capable of holding his bowels and his bladder.

Puppy-Proofing Your House

How to puppy – proof your Saint Bernard pet? While you’re still waiting for your puppy to arrive, usually it may take a few days or so depending on the breeder and paper work, you can prepare by puppy-proofing your home. Puppy proofing or dog proofing is the process of making your home safe for your puppy. It usually involves removing or storing away anything and everything that could harm your puppy. It might help for you to crawl around the house on your hands and knees, viewing things from your puppy’s perspective to find potential threats. Put yourself in their position, this is sort of similar to baby proofing your house if you have kids

Make sure your trash and recycling containers have a tight-fitting lid or store them in a cabinet. Put away all open food containers and keep them out of reach of your puppy. Store cleaning products and other hazardous chemicals in a locked cabinet or pantry where your puppy can’t get them.

Make sure electrical cords and blind pulls are wrapped up and placed out of your puppy’s reach. Pick up any small objects or toys that could be a choking hazard if your puppy chews on them. Cover or drain any open bodies of water such as the toilet, and outdoor pond, etc. Make sure to store any medications and beauty products in the medicine cabinet out of your puppy’s reach.

How to puppy – proof your Saint Bernard pet? Check your home for any plants that might be toxic to dogs and remove them or put them out of reach. Block off fire places, windows, and doors so your puppy can’t get into trouble. Close off any stairwells and block the entry to rooms where you do not want your puppy to be.

Requirements of a Saint Bernard Dog


How to puppy – proof your Saint Bernard pet? Saint Bernard are nature-oriented dogs, these breed came from cold mountains and are naturally outdoors. The downside is that they may not be suited for small apartments, they can adapt easily but these dogs prefer lots of space to play and roam around with. The good news is that even if you live in an apartment, you won’t have a problem with their barking and attitude. Saint Bernard dogs are quiet creatures and can be trained to behave.

Keep them Cool

It is highly recommended that you take them out for long walks or outdoor adventures on the weekend especially if you live in a small house. When walking your dog, be sure to lead the way to establish your authority. To prevent obesity, they may need a daily exercise for about 15 minutes or so. To prevent respiratory problems, do not exceed the physical activities allowed by their stamina and endurance.  A sign that you should stop and let them rest is when they start panting.

Furthermore, since these dogs have thick coats, they may not be suited to live in places that don’t have air-conditioners to fight the heat of high-temperature days. Needless to say, they should be kept in cool places as much as possible. In case it is otherwise unavoidable, be sure to have cooling pads and drinking water for first aid if they got exhausted from exercising.

Keep In Mind

How to puppy – proof your Saint Bernard pet? It is recommended that you don’t take them out for exercise on warm or humid days and definitely do not leave them under the sun for a long time. When you plan to stay outside for a long time—under tolerable weather conditions for your pet—you may need to apply canine sunscreen on your dog to prevent them getting sunburned.  For owners that have a pool or who are fond of beach trips, it is of utmost importance to know that your dog is not suited to be in the water too long. Constant supervision is a must when around dangerous-level waters. If ever your dog loves to go to the beach just make sure you look out for them and get safety gears such as a life vest if necessary.

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