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While you’re still waiting for your puppy to arrive, usually it may take a few days or so depending on the breeder and paper work, you can prepare by puppy-proofing your home. Puppy proofing or dog proofing is the process of making your home safe for your puppy. It usually involves removing or storing away anything and everything that could harm your puppy. It might help for you to crawl around the house on your hands and knees, viewing things from your puppy’s perspective to find potential threats. Put yourself in their position, this is sort of similar to baby proofing your house if you have kids

Here’s what you need to do before your newfound puppy or dog arrives:

  • Make sure your trash and recycling containers have a tight-fitting lid or store them in a cabinet.

  • Put away all open food containers and keep them out of reach of your puppy.

  • Store cleaning products and other hazardous chemicals in a locked cabinet or pantry where your puppy can’t get them.

  • Make sure electrical cords and blind pulls are wrapped up and placed out of your puppy’s reach.

  • Pick up any small objects or toys that could be a choking hazard if your puppy chews on them.

  • Cover or drain any open bodies of water such as the toilet, and outdoor pond, etc.

  • Store any medications and beauty products in the medicine cabinet out of your puppy’s reach.

  • Check your home for any plants that might be toxic to dogs and remove them or put them out of reach.

  • Block off fire places, windows, and doors so your puppy can’t get into trouble.

Close off any stairwells and block the entry to rooms where you do not want your puppy to be.

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