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How to select a savannah cat? When it comes to acquiring one; finding a good breeder is what you need to do to be paired with a healthy Savannah cat. Reputable breeders follow a code of ethics prohibiting sales to wholesalers and pet stores. How to select a savannah cat? The code they observe and abide outlines the breeder’s responsibilities to buyers and their breeds. How to select a savannah cat? To find breeders and to get more information about the personality; and history of the Savannah cat you can check out cat association websites like the Cat Fanciers Association; and the American Cat Fanciers Association.  

Household Pets

How to select a savannah cat? Cats are becoming a staple member of households; and even private institutions all over the world, which make the presence of laws governing cat ownership essential. Ultimately, laws are geared towards protecting pets from abuse and neglect as well as protecting the community from animals; that may become threatening to the public. As responsible pet owners, it is our duty to be fully informed about them and uphold them. By doing so, we are contributing to a better community not only for our feline friends, but also for ourselves.

Owning a Savannah Cat

How to select a savannah cat? Unlike dog owners; cat owners are not required to obtain a license for their cats across all states in the U.S., except in Rhode Island, where it is mandated. However, there are some municipal ordinances that may require proof of vaccination and identification, particularly in Alabama; where owners are required to have their cat or dog vaccinated yearly to make sure that all pets, owners; and civilians are protected from rabies. This is actually a good measure in the event of cat bites and scratches. Remember, cats can be infected with rabies, too, so if you haven’t yet; bring your pet to a vet and ask to be scheduled for vaccination as soon as possible.

Cat Collars

How to select a savannah cat? Cats are not required to wear collars in the U.S. as it is believed to go against their nature. It is, however; good for cats get used to wearing collars so that they can be easily identified in the event that your cat accidentally gets out the gate and gets lost; having the owner’s contact details on the collar makes is easier for concerned citizens to help out, and so that people can be informed of the cat’s medical condition. This comes in handy particularly if you’re leaving your cat in a pet inn while you’re away on a trip.

To ensure that your cat’s collar won’t interfere with its movements or cause injuries; always check if it is properly secured on the neck. If you can slip two fingers between the collar and the kitty’s neck, then it’s all good! A collar that’s too tight might cause irritation; while having it too loose might cause it to get snagged on objects.

Registering Your Cat

How to select a savannah cat? It is highly advisable to have their collar inscribed with any medical conditions they have to ensure; that your cat will be properly fed and cared for. Same goes for when your cat goes missing; people who found it would immediately know that the cat needs special medical attention. For further information regarding licensing requirements and ordinances in your area; you can give your local government a call or simply look up their website, ask or check if there are downloadable forms for cat licensing, mail the form to the town hall or hand it over personally. The registration fee may vary across the states.

If you live in the United Kingdom; your cat may be required to undergo a quarantine period as a strict safety measure. They definitely love their feline friends so much that earlier this year; the government pledged to develop more laws to protect kittens from exploitation. This was after discovering that some kittens are being bred in poor conditions; and are taken away from their mothers too soon. The new law states that license exemptions for people who repeatedly sell kittens that are bred from non – pedigree cats will be removed; and there will be stricter conditions for breeder licenses to be approved.

Tips in Selecting a Cat Breeder

How to select a savannah cat? Unhealthy catteries and disreputable breeders can be difficult to identify from reliable operations. There is no absolute guarantee that you won’t be purchasing an ill kitten. Therefore asking the right questions, researching the breed so you understand what to expect; and visiting the facilities to determine the conditions and see the animals for yourself is vital to lessen the chances of heartache; disappointment and wasted finances.

Tip #1

Make sure that you have a clean contract with your source (clearly stating the responsibilities of both breeder and buyer); or you have the necessary permits if you’re going to acquire one from a rescue group or shelter. Whether you get a kitten or adult Savannah cat; you will need to take your kitten or cat to the veterinarian right after adoption. Your veterinarian will be able to see problems with the feline’s health; and would work with you to create a preventive regimen which will help avoid countless health issues.

Tip #2

Prior to buying a kitten; think about whether a mature Savannah cat might be a better choice for you and your lifestyle. Kittens are buckets full of fun but they also entail a load of work and could be somewhat destructive until they reach a more easy-going state of adulthood.  If you purchase an adult; you would know more about what to expect of the cat in terms of health and personality. Should you consider getting an adult Savannah cat instead of a kitten, ask breeders about buying a retired breeding or a show cat.

Tip #3

How to select a savannah cat? There are many reasons why adult pets end up in shelters and rescue facilities like divorce, death, owners relocated, illness and the list goes on. You might stumble onto good fortune and find the perfect Savannah cat for you and your family. You could also try checking your shelters in your locale or check out pet finder listings.

Tip #4

Selecting the wrong breeder can make or break you as a pet keeper. If you acquire your Savannah cat from an illegitimate source, you may eventually find out that the kitten you got is not even a Savannah cat! Since this breed is expensive, rare and one of a kind, you need to make sure that you only get it from a reputable source. However, breeders aren’t the only source to acquire a Savannah cat cat. You won’t usually find a Savannah cat kitten in rescues or shelters but you may still come across both mixed and pedigreed Savannah cat breeds there.

Tip #5

How to select a savannah cat? No matter where you get your Savannah cat pet make sure that there is a written contract with the seller, shelter or rescue group is thorough and details the responsibilities of both parties. If you look up this breed online you will get quite a few hits on breeders selling. It can be daunting to figure out which breeders are reputable and which ones are just in it for the money. Things like convenience, such as ability to pay online, multiple kitten availability at all times, having choices for any kitten “readily available” are some of the red flags that would identify a shady “breeder” because after all Savannah cat is a rare breed.

Tip #6

Select a breeder who has completed the health certifications required to screen out genetic health problems to the fullest extent possible. You need to get in touch with a breeder who raises and keeps the kittens in their home. Isolated kittens can become skittish, fearful and may be difficult to socialize later. Run away from breeders who only seem bent in how fast they can pass on and unload a kitten on you. Turn your back on those who are more concerned about whether your credit card will go through. You also want to be able to pay a visit to their home facilities and check out with your own eyes how they interact and how the kittens respond to them.

Tip #7

Reputable breeders will have no problems welcoming you into their premises. Buying from a website with no possibility of seeing the pets in action leaves you very little guarantee that you will be getting what was agreed upon. This is why we highly recommend that you check the cat personally and not just through online photos or videos.

Tip #8

How to select a savannah cat? You can also pay a visit and discuss this with your veterinarian. They can usually point you to the direction of a breed rescue organization, a reputable breeder, or other trustworthy sources of healthy kittens. Put as much effort into researching your kitten as you would into picking out a new car or other big ticket purchases. Doing so will save you money in the long run. Depending on what pet you are looking for, you may have to sit it out for six months or more before the right kittens are available. So be patient. Reputable breeders typically will not hand over kittens to new people until the kittens are between twelve and sixteen weeks of age.

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