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Lories and lorikeets need their space to be able to spread their wings inside their abode. Aside from periodic, supervised forays outside its enclosure, it will naturally attempt to take flight and go from perch to perch. You will want to choose a cage that is the largest possible one as this doesn’t only make your Lories and lorikeets happier but will give your pet Lory and lorikeet bird’s better results when in training.

Keeping these birds in small cages will result in more challenges for the keeper to train them. The small space can cause them agitation and this could cause your pet birds to display frustration and become aggressive to you, it and other cage mates.

Be reminded that these birds, by nature need to be able to spread their wings and fly, survey its horizons from high points in the enclosure and have enough space for their play and exercise. Both Lory and lorikeet species should be given daily socialization and to form bonds. For an overall well-balanced social life, these birds are recommended to be kept in pairs to keep each other company.

Lories and lorikeets fare well in indoor temperatures not exceeding 80F. Their enclosure must be kept on the floor in a well-lit area away from drafts. A metal grate covering the droppings tray helps keep the bird clean and away from their bodies.

It is essential for these impressively smart birds to make and have full use of all sorts of toys which may and could include natural chew toys, foot toys, luff toys, hanging toys, plastic toys, swings, tiny beams to balance on and the like.  The reason why environmental enrichment toys are important is because these in fact literally keep the birds content and happy.

These play items also help stave off aggressive behavior if you what you want is a happy friendly pet and not an angry, frustrated and aggressive monster. It is important to raise your bird in the manner it requires while the birds are young and the brain is still in development. Doing so not only assures you of a mentally and physically sound avian, this measure of preparation and provision will also make for an easier transition for them and a quicker integration into your home.

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