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Is my slider turtle male or female? It is typically tough to figure out the gender of an animal turtle, especially if you did not purchase it from a breeder that hatched them from controlled temperature settings. Is my slider turtle male or female? The temperature level throughout egg incubation is what figures out whether an embryo will certainly come to be a male or female; cooler incubation temperatures produce women and also men establish in warmer temperature levels. Thankfully there are some types of turtles that make it simpler than others to differentiate a man from a female without recognizing their incubation temperature level. Is my slider turtle male or female? Red-eared sliders, for instance, demonstrate sexual dimorphism and have distinct distinctions in dimension and appearance in between the sexes.

Identifying Turtle Sex

For most turtle owners, finding out how to identify the gender of their red eared slider isn’t a large deal. They have one turtle living conveniently in its tank and its sex merely isn’t crucial. Nevertheless, rather commonly inquisitiveness strikes as well as people merely would like to know. Some slider hobbyists, on the various other hand, wish to reproduce their turtles or residence multiple turtles in one environment. For these factors, you most definitely need to understand whether your turtles are male or female.

Internal and External Traits

Is my slider turtle male or female? The very first step you require to take if you desire to figure out the sex of your red eared slider is to look at all-time low of your turtle. Do not turn it over to do this, maybe poor for your turtle’s health. Merely lift it up and have a look. If all-time low of the covering is concave (bulging internal), then your slider is probably male. If the bottom of the covering is flat or somewhat convex (protruding exterior), after that it is possibly female. Due to the fact that it aids them place the top of the woman’s curved shell for reproducing, male turtles have concave coverings. The next action in identifying the gender of your red eared slider is considering its tail.


If the turtle’s cloaca, the orifice in which its sex body organs lie and also with which it excretes waste, lies halfway between the turtle’s body and the pointer of its tail, it is possibly male. The turtle is possibly female if the cloaca is situated closer to the body (nearly under the covering). When again has to do with reproduction, the place of the cloaca. Throughout copulation, the male mounts the lady, so his cloaca needs to be able to get to hers. Its area (additionally away from the body), makes this much less complicated. You can likewise take a look at the density of the turtle’s tail generally have thicker tails than women.

Front Claws

Is my slider turtle male or female? The last step to discover your red eared slider’s gender, if none of the above techniques are definitive, is to check out its front claws. As a whole, male red eared sliders have really long front claws that they use in their mating dancing. The only exemption to this policy is men that have actually been kept in inadequate conditions; such turtles are often underdeveloped and also lack the long claws. Ideally these techniques will assist you figure out the sex of your red eared slider. Contact your neighborhood reptile vet or reptile professional for a conclusive answer if none of the above approaches function for you.


All-time low of a turtle’s shell (called the plastron) is also utilized as a sign for determining gender in turtles. Male turtles have a concave (bent in) plastron while women have a level one. These shapes make it possible for male turtles to extra easily place a female during mating, and also they give females more space to hold eggs internally.

Using Tails to Determine Gender

Is my slider turtle male or female? The most usual means to figure out gender in a turtle is to check out the size of its tail. Female turtles have brief and also slim tails while men sporting activity long, thick tails, with their vent (cloaca) located closer to the end of the tail when contrasted to a female. It is, naturally, most convenient to determine the gender of a turtle when taking a look at its tail size if you have several turtles of both sexes to contrast.

Using Markings and Coloration to Determine Gender

All red-eared sliders have mainly environment-friendly bodies suffused with bright yellow streaking, which will not help identify men from women. Various other color signs may. The plastron is yellow with unequal, dark markings that are paired while the tail, legs, as well as head are environment-friendly with thick yellow red stripes. As red-eared sliders grow older, several rely on a dark, nearly black color and might obscure some or all of their yellow markings. This darker coloration is more common in male red-eared sliders.

Sexually Dimorphic Turtles

Is my slider turtle male or female? Elaborate box turtles are an additional sort of turtle that is sexually dimorphic. Fully grown male ornate box turtles have red eyes while female eyes are brown or yellow. The men additionally have green colored heads with orange or red leg scales and also females have brownish heads with yellow leg scales.

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