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Is your California Kingsnake not eating? Your California Kingsnake may not have to escape predators or search for its food, yet it might still create anorexia or lose its cravings. Even if you can do a virtually perfect job of maintaining the setting, you cannot constantly tempt it to consume. Why do snakes lose their appetites? Naturally, a California Kingsnake that won’t eat for long duration could at some point have health issues. In this article, you’ll learn why is your California Kingsnake not eating?

The Right Diet

Is your California Kingsnake not eating? In some instances, loss of appetite is an all-natural part of keeping snakes; however it could also be caused by a wrong diet plan which is why we highly recommend that you consult your vet.

Shedding in Snakes

Is your California Kingsnake not eating? Your California Kingsnake will certainly not eat during shedding season. It is just natural component of its life process. When this takes place, you will not need to take any type of action due to the fact that your California Kingsnake is perfectly healthy. It is necessary to bear in mind that consuming practices are very different from those of mammals. It is, of course, essential to check your snake’s behavior to be sure that what shows up to be appetite loss is due to shedding not a type of disease. Molting is one of the most typical root causes of loss of appetite because your California Kingsnake might quit consuming when it will molt or drop its skin.

Reasons Why Your California Kingsnake is Not Eating

Your California Kingsnake might react to changing seasons with changes in its cravings. Some snakes naturally hibernate, and cooler weather condition may decrease your snake’s energy levels and cravings. Why do snakes lose their appetites? Younger California Kingsnakes are growing and also call for even more food than older snakes; while more young California Kingsnakes may consume as soon as a week, adult California Kingsnakes might consume much less.

Change in Habitat

Snakes can react negatively to a variety of environmental issues that you can easily tweak. These include the following:

California Kingsnakes need a proper substratum, and it is essential to pick the best linens for your pet. Some sorts of woods shavings, such as cedar, can result in bloodsuckers and even skin rot. The majority of snakes call for certain daylight – darkness cycle to grow in captivity, as well as it’s up to the keeper to research the ideal light cycle for their pet. Why do snakes lose their appetites? All snakes are predators, but various species require different types as well as quantities of food. If you’re not sure regarding the perfect diet regimen for your pet python, get in touch with the vet.


Snakes need a proper hideout right into which they can easily disappear during a part of the day. These can be anything from cardboard boxes to artistically-designed structures. Without personal privacy, some snakes create hunger issues.

Other Possible Causes

Is your California Kingsnake not eating? Mouth rot is an excruciating sort of mouth infection; your California Kingsnake will certainly not intend to eat if it has any degree of mouth rot. If you are not certain if your California Kingsnake has a healthy and balanced mouth obtain him in for an appointment with your exotics veterinarian. If they have respiratory system infections of pneumonia, snakes will not certainly. If your California Kingsnake is sneezing, has eye or nose drain, or is breathing via its mouth it might have some type of respiratory condition which is why it will naturally lose its appetite. Contact your vet as it may be necessary.


Parasites end up being overpopulated in the intestines of your snake that can cause it to stop eating. You won’t see these parasites so you need to have a fecal examination to determine if your pet California Kingsnake has parasites. Call your vet to so you can schedule a fecal testing. If you have not had actually one done within the last year or you believe it might be a reason for it to quit eating.

Keep In Mind

Why do snakes lose their appetites? There is a vast range of snake illness that can reduce your California Kingsnake’s cravings. Some can be quickly dealt with while others have the potential to be deadly. Do monitor your pet snake to make sure you’re not seeing symptoms of these disorders.

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