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In the wild, California Kingsnake will eat any bird or animal small enough to be swallowed whole. These include rattlesnakes. While in captivity, they should be fed rodents, usually mice which are easy to get because of its availability. You can offer live or well-thawed frozen mice to them but you should think twice of feeding them live adult mice because they can inflict wounds to your Kingsnakes. Fresh killed mice are the best choice.

Although California Kingsnakes prefer to eat rodents such as mice, especially in captivity, there are also a wide variety of choices which you can feed them. These are the following food choices, including those that they eat in the wild:

Small Rodents

Other rodents, besides rats, are what usually Kingsnakes eat. For example, mice are often fed to pet snakes because besides being an inexpensive food source, it is also nutritious for your Kingsnakes. If you are not comfortable with the idea of feeing your Kingsnakes live mice, you can feed them frozen mice that have thawed.


Kingsnakes are well-known for eating chicken eggs. Besides the fact that eggs are easily sneaked from a bird’s nest, it is also a good source of protein for your snake.

Small Birds and Fish

In the wild, Kingsnakes do not need to worry about chasing a bird away from its nest. Kingsnakes are large enough to ingest a small bird then it will eventually kill the parents and then eat the eggs. Baby birds are an easy meal for Kingsnakes. They also eat a variety of fish, ranging from small minnows up to large bass.

Snakes and Lizards

As mentioned earlier, Kingsnakes feed on other snakes and they are perhaps most famous for that habit. They are also known to eat lizards.


Kingsnakes eat frogs but keep in mind that feeding frogs to Kingsnakes in captive puts it at risk.

Small Mammals

 California Kingsnakes have the venom or muscles to take down small mammals like foxes and coyotes.

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