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A South American horned frog, in the wild, has tendency to illnesses that may in turn contaminate the soil and water source. With thoughtful care during captivity, the odds of the frog improve. Diligent maintenance and keen observation is primarily what allows the South American horned frog to thrive well in captivity.

They are hardy, and resilient little guys that have been reported to live lengthy lives of up to 15 years under the meticulous care of an experienced and watchful keeper. Provide the frog with proper housing conditions and give it a place to live as it would in the wild – removing them from any danger. Set up for them a terrarium that would provide your South American horned frog all the perks of being in their natural habitat.

Provide your South American horned frogs with the necessary food they will need and you will soon realize how quickly these frogs grow. They are hardy eaters and feeding time is actually a joy to watch and observe.

Above all, make sure that you keep the cleanliness of the tank your South American horned frog is housed in clean. Maintaining tank and enclosure cleanliness is the key to raising a healthy frog. Keep in mind that most illnesses and diseases contracted by living beings, most especially captive pets, begin in improper husbandry or unsanitary habitat.

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