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  • Scatter shavings in the general area where they usually go. The shavings or sawdust will absorb the urine.
  • Replace the soiled shavings with a fresh batch each time after cleaning it.
  • When you start noticing the llamas “going” on the shavings you put, and you are happy with the spot, you can now think about constructing the retaining walls, which is pretty much a low wall, ideally set at a well – ventilated corner of the barn.  
  • Do this by creating a low wall (roughly a few inches higher than ankle-level.
  • Fill in the area four inches deep with shavings or sawdust.
  • Up to as many as four llamas can use this box at one time including babies who quickly mimic the toilet habits of their mama’s.
  • The smallest box you can use would roughly be an area of 3 inches by 6 inches. This works well with small clusters of llamas, about one to four of them at a time. This means you will have to have more potty areas if you have more than a couple of llamas. The biggest can go up to 8 inches by 8 inches and would take two hauls of shavings.
  • You will notice that the animals will recognize the odor of the shavings with their dung pile after having used shavings for a while. This makes it a lot easier to assign the location of the litter box in the designated barns, or when you are able to provide more space. If you have a stable-setting for your llamas can “go” in their individual stalls. Make sure that you provide them with the shavings that will help them associate their dung from an off-limits area (like the aisle of the stable/barn) so that when you have finished building the walled are, you can easily transition them to the specific area of the barn. Expect some accidents to happen, but you can be confident that if you set it up properly, your llamas will be quick to cooperate.

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