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One of the key questions that a newbie mini beagle keeper will ask is “how much does a puppy from a reputable breeder cost?” aside from that “is that price worth it?” To know the answer to these questions, you must know all the essential costs of taking care of a pet. You might be scared of getting a pet, however, you should not fret because we will help you know the mini beagle price. This article will serve as your guide in knowing the price. However, the prices will still vary in the place of your residence: some breeders might charge different based on its gender and even its color. This guide will only provide you with some idea for a purebred puppy.

Average Mini Beagle Price

The price range of a mini beagle ranges from $600 up to $1,200. It might sound expensive, but this will be the last thing that you need to ask a breeder. We like to save money, however, you should not be saving when it comes to your puppy. Saving up for a puppy will only make you regret it sooner than later.

Genetic Quality

You will know that a breeder is responsible if s/he puts the best genetic material into creating the best possible puppy through choosing the best dam and sire. A reputable breeder will not breed a pup’s mother to any accessible dog. The breeder will study temperaments, virtues, pedigrees, and even faults in choosing the best sire that would produce the best puppy for her bitch. Some breeders would even go a long way and test for genetic defects that are specific for the mini beagle breed. Some problems do not always present themselves at birth, however, these will develop when they grow up.

A responsible breeder will not guarantee that its puppy is free from any genetic defect, however, s/he will minimize all the possibilities of the puppies in having them. Before you run off and buy a puppy, you should study and research the breed carefully, aside from that, also know the problems of the breed and know whether pre-breeding screening is available.

Aside from the above-mentioned things, a responsible breeder takes care of the mother in the best way possible – through the best prenatal care. So, when the puppies arrive, you will know that the breeder will take care of it the same way. Breeders would take care not only about the physical health but also with its socialization as well as its temperament. These puppies also receive the necessary vaccinations and they are also checked and treated for parasites and worms.

The first time you take your puppy home, you would be guaranteed of its optimal health aside from that, you can always call your breeder if you have any queries about your dog. Some frequently asked questions are normalcy of behaviors, housebreaking problems, as well as feeding the puppy. A good breeder would answer all the necessary questions and would even help you find the answer because s/he will truly care about the puppy.

A reputable breeder would not put his/her interests first, most of the time s/he will not profit on a litter of puppies. You might think that a large purchase from you is a big profit to them, however, this is only a few drops from a bucket full of expenses that a breeder faces in planning a litter. The pocket of your breeder is not really stuffed when you buy a quality puppy. To simply put it, breeders do not really breed for money, but hey do it out of care and passion with just a tinge of covering the breeding expenses and to further continue the lineage.

Some “breeders” might claim that they are selling puppies under $500. However, the puppies of these people will probably not have the necessary genetic screening, prenatal and puppy care, and health testings that a puppy should have. Remember $500 is not enough to cover all the necessary costs of a healthy litter of puppies. A local family is not likely to have done the necessary research to breed genetically healthy puppies. Other than those people, puppy mills would cut down expenses up to a bare minimum. They would raise puppies like livestock and would discard the “ugly” puppies from the bunch. Do not also get puppies from pet stores, some of these places would just get puppies from mills to be sold as high-priced puppies.

Alternative Options

Some people could not afford to spend as much as $1,200 for a puppy, some people opt to rescue a dog breed. There are many good dogs that are re-homed every year because the living situation in their new home does not work out. For rescues, there is a necessary adoption fee but this is usually less than the price of a regular puppy. You can also ask some breeders about a retired “show dog”. Some responsible breeders would place these adult dogs to homes where they could receive better individual attention rather than keeping it in a multi-dog household. Some puppies are returned to their original breeders due to several reasons, some of these are older puppies that would be worth less than a young puppy.

If you are picky with a puppy, you should also know that breeders are also picky. Some breeders have  long list of waiting lists and they might charge for more. Remember that you are not only paying for the litter of puppy but also for the track record as well as the reputation of the breeder. You could also go for a beginner breeder but has quality dogs, you can be sure that the price is a bit lower.

If you have time, you an put some time and research as well as establish a good relationship with the breeder. You can go through a thorough research and find the price that you can afford. Some responsible and reputable breeders would sell below the average price for several reasons. Some would even make special promos for their trusted people and to those people who would give their puppies a good home. Remember, a high price does not really entail great quality, however the lower price does not really mean a low quality dog either. Make sure that you provide a list of questions for your breeder.

Before thinking about the price of your mini beagle puppy, make sure that you can afford to take care of your dog, because there are a lot expenses such a vet bill. You need to think carefully before you even make a good commitment. Know that a beagle puppy prices vary greatly from a place from another, those most of these differences are slowly disappearing. Make sure that you have your heart set for a mini beagle puppy; prices greatly vary in different places.

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