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  • Choose the designated area

Take note that you should never allow your Pom to go outside somewhere. There should be one certain area to be chosen as designated bathroom area. Ideally, it will be an area that ranges from 8 to 10 foot in diameter.

  • Choose a containment method

A Pom that is not fully housebroken should never be free in either a room or the house especially if he is not well supervised.

  • Choose your reward treats

A Pom is going to be more motivated to focus, be able to soak in the training, understand that he did something right, and look forward to the next training lesson if he is properly rewarded with treats.

  • Be ready for a speedy exit

To have your Pom wearing his collar and to keep the leash right by the door is the final step in preparing to facilitate a fast exit to the designated area. It is highly recommended to have a harness. If you are not used to having one, you may at first think that they are difficult to take on and off.

You are already ready to housebreak your Pom successfully once you.

  • Have chosen the best location for your dog’s designated bathroom area that will be relatively easy to reach.
  • Have set up a playpen or some other containment method for your dog to be at any time you can’t keep an eye on him
  • Have special training treats right by the exit door and have your dog’s harness on him and his leash that is ready to spring into action

Housebreaking Tips

  • Keep your Pom with you, as often as possible. If he will pee or poo, clap your hand loudly or call out his name to cause him to pause.
  • Your prep should allow you to exit with your dog quickly, but carry him if needed.
  • As your Pom is doing the deed, repeat a chosen word or phrase so that he can associate it with his actions. Some owners use ‘bathroom’ or ‘piddy potty’.
  • Bring your Pom outside with a specific schedule. If you are heading to the yard to get some exercise, bring him to his bathroom area first.
  • Allow your Pom at least 15 minutes to find the perfect spot within the area, and for his bladder and bowel muscles to relax.
  • If your Pom is done peeing, offer the reward treat right away. Always give praise to them at the same time.
  • If there are in some cases that accidents happen in the house, it is important to clean the area with an enzyme cleanser. This is because it might be announced to your Pom that ‘This is the bathroom area’

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