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After socialization, housetraining is probably one of your most important tasks as a dog owner. While your Cane Corso puppy is still young, he will not be physically capable of holding his bladder or bowel movements. Making sure to take your puppy outside very frequently (as often as once an hour) will help to reduce the frequency of accidents until your puppy is old enough for housetraining. The most effective method for housetraining a puppy is crate training. 

Here are some useful tips for housetraining your puppy:

  • Follow the guidelines provided earlier in this book to choose a crate for your puppy and set it up as directed.
  • Get your puppy used to the crate by tossing treats into it and feeding him his meals in the crate.
  • Eventually your puppy should be comfortable enough with the crate to take naps in it with the door open.
  • Start closing the door to the crate while your puppy is inside and leave him there for a few minutes.
  • Gradually increase the length of the confinement until your puppy can remain calm in the crate for at least 30 minutes.
  • Start housetraining by selecting a certain area of the yard where you want your puppy to do his business.
  • Take your puppy to that area each time you take him outside and give him a verbal command like “go pee”.
  • When your puppy does his business in the area, praise him excitedly and offer a reward to reinforce the behavior.
  • Keep your puppy in the same room as you at all times when you are at home and supervise him closely.
  • Take your puppy outside every hour or two, especially after naps and within 30 minutes after a meal.

If your puppy does not do his business when you take him out, take him right back inside and try again in 30 minutes.

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