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Seeing a red eyed tree frogs can go two ways, you either scream at them, get scared of its appearance, or fall in love with its unique endearing features. If you are the latter just like I am, and you happen to get a hint of “Maybe I want to pet one”, you are in the right place. In this article, we will unravel frog caring advantages and disadvantages to help you in ruling out your decision of keeping one.

Advantages of Caring for Frogs 

Soothing and fun to observe 

Perhaps the top reason people are to keep this lovely creature is that they are fascinating to watch. There are brightly colored species such as red eyed tree frogs and poison dart frogs that hand down two of the most attractive frogs nature has to offer. Also, they do not mind you watching them, in fact, they are quite entertainers, and you are to receive lots of laughter with mundane, silly, little gestures. 

A peaceful pet option 

Since red eyed tree frogs generally are out in the wild and can thrive with no human interaction, it is a peaceful pet for you, as having them alone in their terrarium is not detrimental for their well-being. They make an excellent pet for those who are digging that peaceful atmosphere in their home. 

Relatively low maintenance 

All that requires from these little jumping stars are spot cleaning every other day, misting their terrarium, and feeding. Of course, you do have to observe them health-wise and to just overall build a connection with your frog, but it would not take a lot of your time in a day. In some instances, you might be required to change the substrate in your frog’s terrarium in a two to three months interval, but it depends on your chosen setup. 

There exist Vivarium setups or mini bioactive enclosures that for the most part are self-sustaining. Not only that but you are also to automate its misting systems, heaters, and foggers which is very convenient. Other types of setups exist, and it is best to do separate research to rule out all the factors there are to consider and to know if it will work best on the type of frog you will keep. 

Frogs and plants go well, look neat, therefore they are to create a beautiful habitat

Their terrarium must be full of tropical plants for them to be comfortable living in it, and with their greenish colors? They actually go well. There are lots of guides on decorating a terrarium, and you’ll find it actually adds an accent to your home, therefore it is also a great decoration. 

Frogs are not noisy

Red eyed tree frogs do not bark, do not chase, do not throw an attitude when hungry, and they do not whine. While it may appear boring, trust us, they are not boring. This quietness of them allows you to function at all times without any inconvenience. How can frogs be as cool as conventional pets? Just sitting beside them to observe, will showcase to you their hopping, jumping, and other little mundane actions. They can recognize their owners too! So they might hop o a few for you. 

Do not take up a lot of space 

A common pet frog typically grows just about 3 to 4 inches (0.1 m) in length, so if you have a small home, their terrarium will not cause you any headache at all. These lovely creatures are compact. 

They live for a long period of time 

A great, unique friend you are to make with them will last for almost three decades, and who does not want that? 

Disadvantages of Caring for Frogs 

Mostly, they are not for handling 

Frogs are exotic nature creatures. Since they thrive best in the wild with no human connection, they have very sensitive skin. Their skin is vulnerable and even the smallest presence of chemicals, dirt, and bacteria on our human skin can affect their body. 

Frogs are nocturnal 

Most of these creatures are nocturnal in nature, and this accounts for them being more lively and active during the night rather than showing liveliness in the day. This can be discrepancies for those who want to observe them during the day, especially children, 

Feeding them can be stressful and difficult 

While it is not the process itself, it pertains to what you need to feed your pet frog. Most of them thrive on insects and some rodent animals such as small rats and mice and if you are uncomfortable or feeling uneasy having to feed them, then you are for sure to stress over it.


Why not take the unconventional route of petting and go care for a lovely frog? You may be discouraged with their few cons, but the unique experience and all the serotonin yield just by observing their endearing attributes will sure outweigh them. Frogs are definitely underrated and they, too, are deserving of adequate human care. Do remember to be responsible, and you’re on your way to one successful exotic pet parenting. 

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