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As you want to start your journey towards exotic pet caring specifically for frogs; one that often comes up in the discussion of beginner-friendly frogs is the tomato frog. But is it true that a bright red tomato-looking frog will save you a lot of headaches and open you to fulfilling exotic pet caring? Below are the ruled-out advantages and disadvantages of tomato frogs. This will equip you in deciding objectively whether or not you will thrive caring for them. Let’s get started!

The Exotic Tomato Frog

Tomato frogs are distinguished because of their eye-catching, really captivating yellow and red-orange coloration. These frogs can inflate themselves, both as a warning, and as well as deter their predators, including snakes. When they are blown up in appearance, they tend to resemble tomatoes, and they become almost unattainable to be swallowed. Furthermore, these luminous frogs can release a toxic secretion, storing in their skin for when they are feeling threatened. 

Tomato frogs furthermore have an off-white underside and in some instances store black spots in their backs. Unlike most species of frogs, these frogs differ as their forefeet are not webbed. 

What are the advantages of tomato frogs? 

Tomato frogs make great exotic pets 

Tomato frogs have a very docile disposition. They possess calm personalities; and they are not known for being territorial this perfect as well for storing multiple frogs in a cage. These frogs also do not need large enclosures making them well suited for those eyeing to start exotic pet care. 

Tomato frogs are not aggressive

Tomato frogs do not exhibit aggressive nature, unlike some frog species. There are aggressive frogs that bite, on both other frogs as well as humans. This behavior is entirely excluded from tomato frogs.  

Tomato frogs are a peaceful pet option 

If you want to have the luxury of having a pet whom you will adore; silently hang with, spoil with treats, toys, love, and care, well you can have these with tomato frogs. Bonus, as they will not be handled as traditional house pets, you cannot be bothered taking them on walks; meeting their daily physical activities; giving them attention, or they will be destructive, Moreover, you would not be having the problem of cleaning them every day, grooming them, and all the other dilemmas. It’s a win to store a tomato frog because they are always at peace just existing in peace. 

Tomato frogs are relatively low maintenance

With the above advantages of being a peaceful pet option, they are low maintenance. This is rather a surprise because people mistake their unique color for requiring extensive or complicated caring requirements; but they do not. Tomato frogs can thrive, and be in optimum health condition, even if they have only eaten three times a week. They also do not produce a lot of waste, so you would not have to worry about getting stuck in cleaning. They do not require fancy enclosures, substrates, ventilation, or lighting. 

Tomato frogs for initial start-up cost are very doable and inexpensive 

There are exotic pet owners wanna-be that get discouraged from starting their journey because they overthink how they can set up all the needed requirements for it. But in actuality; setting up all that it needs, including the tank, substrates, filter as well as feeding requirements are just as what regular frogs need; thus you can easily hunt them in your local pet shop. For the price range, it is also very affordable, when compared to having Red-eyed frogs. 

Tomato frogs are hypoallergenic 

Frogs do not give off dander, including tomato frogs, which is such an advantage for wanting to have a pet. Most conventional pets produce off this substance, that is why it is a challenge for them to raise the pet they want. 

Tomato frogs love to be alone

This is a pro, especially if you are a worker by day, you might catch your pet just hiding and enjoying its company alone. The great thing is because they love their solitude, destructive behaviors and bad mental state will not occur, unlike conventional pets that gets depressed when you take off your eyes at them for a few hours.  

What disadvantages can one get from tomato frogs

Tomato frogs do not like being handled 

Most frogs are not built for handling, and they are no different. It is known that frogs do get uncomfortable and can be hurt by handling, more so if it is done frequently. Frogs are also known to have the ability to absorb substances through their skin and if you are handling it with your bare hands dirty, it can cause them to have some serious health challenges. 

Tomato frogs’ defense mechanism can make you have an allergic reaction 

When threatened, the these frogs will puff off and emit a strange sticky toxin to their skin, aimed at its predator. This can cause allergic reactions such as sneezing non-stop, hives or having watery eyes. This can be solved through allergic medications, and this reaction is rather a temporary dilemma and is not at all hurtful and detrimental. In addition to that, this can only happen if your frog perceives you as a threat or if you are doing something that is causing them to hurt. 

Tomato frogs are nocturnal 

They are active mostly at night, thus you cannot bother them during the day. They will mostly be hiding or taking a nap somewhere in their cage. This is not as bad, but their feeding them might be in constant changes that will leave you challenged in keeping up with it. 

Tomato frogs can be noisy during the night

Because they tend to be most active at night, they ought to release their energy by making noises. This can put your time of slumber into a struggle. However, there are always ways on how you can prevent that from happening such as relocating them or altering their sleeping schedule by compelling them to stay up, using lights that mimic sunlight. 

Tomato frogs’ feeding can be a challenge 

Aside from being nocturnal, which means you must have the energy to feed them at night, the foods they love can also get ugly. They so love crickets and rodents, thus it can wear you off because it does emit a funny smell. Aside from this, you also need to be dusting their food with powdered vitamins to aid in their nutrition. 

Keep in Mind

These frogs are delightful, unique, and very attractive pet frogs to have. It can be tricky, as they possess disadvantages, but it sure will pay off if you decide to just focus on their good side. At the end of the day, no animals exist that possess no downside in them. Advance happy tomato frog parenting! 

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