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Before you purchase a rooster chick, make sure that you have weighed the pros and cons of keeping one. This section will give you an overview of the things you need to consider:


  • Roosters are colorful fowl species
  • They’re the ones that can fertilize hens making sure that egg production and supply is on – going.
  • Roosters function as guards of the flock. They protect and defend the flock against predators
  • When roosters find a food source, he usually alerts other roosters or chickens about it. Oftentimes, he’ll let other chickens eat first before partaking.
  • Roosters loves treats, and can also be taught some tricks
  • They usually like to be petted and even complimented
  • They crow anytime they want, so if you’d like to hear that kind of sound especially during the morning, it can make you feel good especially if you wanted to have a rural ambience in your home
  • Roosters can also alert you if a potential burglar or stranger is lurking outside your house/property.
  • They also function as insect controllers because they love to eat unwanted pests in your backyard.
  • They can also bond with the family


  • Roosters crow almost all the time, you can get disturbed by it, and you can also get noise complaints from your neighbors
  • Keeping roosters may require you to follow lots of regulations
  • You’ll most likely need to get a permit before you can keep one which can be an additional expense
  • You may need to work out the permits/licenses and talk to certain officials which can also be time consuming especially if you are a busy person
  • Your hens (if you keep some) will not be injured by the rooster’s beak during mating
  • Sometimes roosters can be aggressive
  • You don’t need to worry about a rooster jumping at people or dominating your hen collection
  • May not be suitable for keepers with very young children or those with allergies as their feathers can cause allergic reactions.

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