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Brightly colored, with luminous, striking pattern scales, Pueblan Milk Snake will definitely be your first; or your new addition to your snake pet journey. These snakes are extremely attractive; but their attractiveness is not only the thing that is great about them; they are also very suitable for beginners. You are looking for success, even if you do not have the slightest knowledge of snake raising. 

Campbell’s Milk Snake

Lampropeltis Triangulum Campbelli, Campbell’s milk snake; and finally, Pueblan milk snakes are the names given to the egg-laying species belonging to non-venomous colubrid snakes. 

They make their statement by having a slender body tricolor striped pattern of black, yellow; and red that makes every head turn on their way. Their body, also when held, releases a very pungent-smelling exudate, coming from its cloaca, being their presumed defense mechanism. Furthermore, these snakes have a resemblance to the infamous coral snake known as Batesian mimicry as they share the same color; and it is very beneficial as it sways off potential predators. 

They can be distinguished from other types of milk snakes due to their intricate white bands; and recurrent black tipping over their red bands. Also, the red color of their scales is especially vibrant and bright, in contrast to other subspecies. Lastly, they are named Pueblan because they are native to the Mexican state of Pueblan; and the other dry and desert regions comprising Central Mexico. 

What are their typical behaviors? 

Pueblan milk snakes are solitary creatures. They are quiet and impose a very calm and laid-back demeanor. They prefer to be left alone but connect well in very subtle ways such as silently observing or gentle stroking. Furthermore, they are nocturnal, being in their active state at night and dusk. 

Pueblan is not aggressive by any means; but as they are solitary snakes, an unusually long period of handling them will make them flighty and nervous. It also will make them discharge a pungent-smelling exudate coming from its cloaca. This acts for them as their presumed defense mechanism. 

Pueblan in Captivity

If you are thinking of owning one of these attractive and very calm snakes; it’s great news that it adapts well in captivity, so long as it is kept in an environment of 70 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit (ca. 27 °C). For, the temperature is the most important because it maintains the animal’s digestion and as to the wellness of their feeding response. 

The cage of your very own should be escape-proof, with aid of fresh water at all times. Build them a hide box as well, as they are more comfortable in confined places. Decorations such as grass bedding, stones, and maybe some branches that will mimic the wild are recommended. 

You are expected to clean its cage as much as possible, as they like a sterile environment to thrive. Every day, you are to pick up debris and feces and conduct spot cleaning as often as possible. In addition to this; a full clean must occur nearly twice a month, this is to ensure its peak health and well-being. 

And lastly, if you are wondering as to their dietary needs; Pueblan milk shares will eat anything that they can overpower. Preys such as mice, rats, birds, frogs, and lizards, together with other snakes will satisfy their stomach, and they would not think twice about consuming them. 

Weighing Its Pros and Cons

While they can be a great companion as they will not give you any trouble; keeping a Pueblan milk snake of your own should not be taken lightly. 

Advantages of Petting Pueblan Milk Snakes

They are low maintenance 

They do not need constant attention, physical activities to keep their well-being at its optimum state; do not shed, do not bark, do not have daily schedules and do not damage things. If you own one, you have a great advantage, especially if you live in an apartment.  

They are docile 

Your Pueblan may look cool and fearful, but in reality, it is very docile. These snakes are generally relaxed in captivity, they are happy on their own; but they can also respond well if they are handled, so long that it is done comfortably. 

They groom themselves so you do not have to

Pueblans shed once a year, and they do it without any help or assistance from you. 

Disadvantages of Petting Pueblan Milk Snakes

They are not for squeamish 

These snakes are carnivores, and they eat meat, in whole, typically live. And if you cannot cater to live rats and mice, handling frogs and birds, chances are you are just going to dread the petting journey. 

They are escape artists 

Pueblans, like any other snakes there are, are curious. With the thin body they have, they can fit in almost everything. This is mitigated by ensuring an escape proof tank, but if not, you will be faced with this consequence. 

They are not as responsive compared to traditional pets, and guests might be scared of seeing them. Pueblans, as with any other snake, are really quiet and may appear cold, more so gone cautious surrounding other people. With this; it may be a con owning one as your friends may not bother to get to know, more so bond with your snake. 


Pueblan milk snakes are fascinating, unique, and definitely with a great calm demeanor, you will not be having a hard time coping with them. If you are to pet one of these, it is greatly encouraged, especially having you as a snake enthusiast or a beginner that is eager to know about them. Advance happy snake pet Pueblan milk parenting!  

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