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What are the basic needs of Pueblan Milk Snake? The Pueblan Milk Snake, a native of Mexico; is indeed an attractive creature specimen that has not waned in popularity since its introduction to reptile hobbyists; and animal lovers all over the world. What are the basic needs of Pueblan Milk Snake? Pueblan Milk Snakes are non – venomous snakes of the New World which don striking patterns and are brightly colored. What are the basic needs of Pueblan Milk Snake? It does not pose a threat to humans and have in fact been a popular choice amongst experienced; and novice hobbyists.

Standard Tank Size

What are the basic needs of Pueblan Milk Snake? A standard 20-gallon terrarium or vivarium for baby and juvenile Pueblans would suffice at the onset of the snake’s integration to your home. These snakes would rarely grow more than 4 feet which makes it easier to care for in captivity.  A slightly bigger vivarium may be needed as the snake grows; so it would be economically wise to house the snake in a vivarium where which it can grow into; and at the same time will save you money and the trouble of replacing a smaller terrarium for a bigger vivarium in the long run. 

Escape – Proofing Snakes

An adult Pueblan Milk Snake would require an escape-proof habitat which is at least 4 feet long and 4 feet deep. The Pueblan Milk Snake is mostly a ground-dwelling snake, but like most snakes they too are adept; agile movers and curious seekers, hence the height of the cage of about eighteen to twenty inches is recommended with a secure cover to prevent accidental or purposeful escape. 

A potential hobbyist will need to take measures that the PMS is not given an opportunity to escape its dwellings as the chances of this happening is a very likely possibility. Keeping the vivarium covered and secure will stave off any attempts of the snake wandering out of its habitat. 

Types of Snake Tanks

What are the basic needs of Pueblan Milk Snake? Some staple habitat requirements of the Pueblan Milk Snake that any hobbyist/caregiver will want to know about for them to successfully set up a suitable environment and habitat for the milk snake include the following:

Glass Tank

A hobbyist may choose a glass vivarium, but experienced milk snake hobbyists have learnt through observation that wooden vivarium work best for the Pueblan because keeping the pet in a dry substrate diminishes the chances of wood rotting or warping, which can occur in humid settings. 

Wood Tank

A vivarium of solid and non-transparent sides (as a wooden vivarium) provides the PMS its much needed privacy; allowing the snake to feel more confident in their habitat setting. The wood construction a vivarium is also ideal to keep, retain and maintain heat. A simple under the tank heater strategically placed inside the vivarium can keep the snake’s environment warm and snug during cold winter spells. 

Whether you choose a glass terrarium or a wooden vivarium, line the cage bottom with a suitable substrate such as a paper-based product; aspen shavings or cypress mulch. Substituting newspaper can also work however avoid old newspapers as the ink used in printing the newspaper is bad for the milk snake. You will be able to find newspaper paper at local bookstores. 

Other Snake Essentials

What are the basic needs of Pueblan Milk Snake? Many experienced hobbyist know that the Pueblans are natural burrowers therefore providing your milk snake a ground substrate will allow it to go about its natural inclination of going underground. Provide your Pueblan with a bowl of fresh clean water always. It need not be anything fancy, distilled or filtered. Ordinary tap water will suffice as PMS seek water when they want and need to and being in captivity will not change the fact that they will seek water out. These snakes enjoyi a quick dip in water to cool off so furnish it’s terrarium with a water dish big enough for it to take a swim. 

Tank Accessories

Pueblan milk snakes, like most other snakes in its natural environment, spend much of its time hiding out so it will be important that a potential hobbyist provide a hideaway spot for the snake. This will help integrate the milk snake with ease in its new environment and surroundings. 

Fit your Pueblan’s habitat with some form of lighting to aide in creating a day and night cycle for your milk snake pet. Pick the right fluorescent tube-style fixture, and this should do the job just fine. Doing so will provide the milk snake with additional health benefits provided by full-spectrum lighting.  Milk snakes may not rely as much on Ultraviolet ighting as much as lizards would but they will greatly benefit from proper lighting and this will help its digestion; moulting and may help keep snake mites at bay. 

Snake Tips 101

Reptile keepers/hobbyists will want to create a vivarium to secure your Pueblan milk snake and to prevent unwanted escapes. Make sure that you use a vivarium large enough to house your milk snake and deep enough so your Pueblan doesn’t climb up and out of the safety of the enclosure. 


Temperatures should be maintained between comfortable ranges of 83 – 88 degrees. Use an under the tank heater or a heating pad to achieve and maintain these temperatures. Invest in thermostats which will automatically increase; or decrease temperature especially for days when you are not at home and outside temperature tend to become erratic and unpredictable. 

Snake Perch

Provide the PMS a stick or a ledge in its enclosure for your Pueblan to climb on and off of. Providing a ledge and/or a climbing branch inside its vivarium will be conveniently useful in aiding the snake during its shedding process – snakes rub up and slither against objects around it; no matter if it’s in the wild or in an artificial habitat. Aside from being dexterous climbers and great escape artists, Pueblans are burrowers. Line the base of its enclosure with aspen shreds, beech chipping, or corn cob substrate. Pueblans are generally soloists and enjoy tucking themselves away where it can safely burrow and hide in when it feels the need to get away. 

Keep In Mind

What are the basic needs of Pueblan Milk Snake? There is a reason why we do not see too many snakes in the wild – this is because snakes are innately shy and prefer to keep to themselves breaking pattern only during brumation period where Pueblans have been spotted to share brumation shelters. To know more about Pueblan Milk Snakes, check out the video below:

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