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This portion will give you an idea on why you should get a Persian cat, or not. Look closely at the pros and cons, and decide afterwards if you still want to pursue getting a Persian Cat.


  • Nice natured
  • They are very placid
  • They can adapt easily, they can cope well with family additions, house moves, and new pets.
  • Can be great with other pets, as long as you socialize it properly
  • They are great with children, as long as they are gentle
  • They are loving and gentle
  • They are very confident and playful, but generally calm
  • They have melodic, quiet voice
  • They are okay to being indoor cats.


  • You need to comb their long hair
  • The breed needs to rake a bath to keep the fur in the best conditions
  • You need to wipe the eyes daily to remove excess water and stain on the eye
  • You need to groom the cat almost daily
  • This breed needs help with their personal hygiene
  • Although they are fine with being alone, this breed does not do well with belong lonely – they thrive for human attention
  • It needs a sitter when you will be gone for long periods of time.

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