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Persian cats are the glamour puss, and one of the best cat breed in the world. They’ve got this beautiful flowing coat that looks like a cloud from afar; they have the sweetest face and a calm good-natured personality. With cloudiness, sweetness, and calmness combined to make them the most popular cat breed. Is it time for you to embark on caring for one of these lovely cats? Let’s answer that by providing you with the advantages and disadvantages of caring for a Persian cat. Let’s get started! 

Pros for Persian Cats


Nothing beats the feeling when your cat genuinely loves you and wants to spend time with you. Persian cats are clingy, loves attention. To them, the more, the better they get. They enjoy the silence of cuddling and really are the biggest cuddler not just on their favorite person but to all members of the family. 

Does not bite nor swipe 

Because of their affectionate personality comes the theme of not being prone to aggression. Persian cats’ docile nature makes them outstanding with kids who, depending on age, might still be clueless on knowing how to treat animals correctly. 

While other cats might take a swipe if a child decides to pick them up wrongly or touches their unforgivable area, our cute Persians will just indulge in the attention. But of course, try to impart to your children the idea that they must be gentle and kind to animals! Any cat, including these cats, will act out if they are hurt and mishandled. 


These beautiful cats are open to playing all day long, they really would not mind being. They love to get active, and they can keep up with your child’s favorite fun activities. 

Social Butterfly 

These popular felines are easy-going and with little effort, they can win the hearts of any people, no matter how hard or soft they are with cats. Persian cats are irresistible. No matter the age, these lovely tabbies will hang out with them. 

They do not have issues associating with their humans, they also get along with most animals. Other cats can have a reputation of being a snob, or being non appreciative of others, but definitely not with this breed. At the end of the day, cats really have innate personalities unique to themselves only. 

Very Clean 

They do not hold the tile for one of the cleanest cats for no reason. They love to groom themselves, thus you also must be careful because you might, unfortunately, deal with a hairball. At mealtimes, they do not also tend to be messy and all over the place. They are fairly easy to pot-train, thus, you will not be dealing with waste all over your place. 

Not Territorial 

Persian cats are the ones who can’t be bothered because they are too calm, sluggish as well, so it really is impossible for them to be territorial. Unlike Bengal cats, who are known for their territorial nature. These cats just always love meeting new people in their home and are a big addition to their families when other people, especially children, visiting them. 

Not Aggressive

Persians are peaceful and quiet, and would not also attack other people. Nail scratches and painful bites are definitely out of your sight when you decide to adopt one of these adorable felines. 


Persian cats withstand any weather, any locations, and circumstances, nearly everything. These cats can adjust themselves well to new surroundings quickly.  They are considered to be very perfect for all sorts of lifestyles. They also would thrive to be with their own selves only, but preferably, with their owners to please their affectionate nature. 

Easy to Train 

Did you know that these cats are also known for their intelligence? Persian cats are smart cats that respond well to training. They can showcase tricks, much resembling a dog when properly trained. 

You would not be dealing with inconsistencies and stubborn attitude as their gentle personality and non-aggressive nature will guide their head. 

Very Beautiful 

These cats are ones you can get your eyes to get lost in. They are very attractive because their fur is thick, long, silky, as well as very shiny. The beauty that lies on their fur is beyond comparison, most would say if they are properly groomed. 

Everything about the Persian cat is done of beauty, from their flat funny looking face to their thick long-tail devoured with fur. 

Cons for Persian Cats

Need a lot of grooming 

Persian cats require relatively high grooming maintenance. If their coat is left unbrushed, it will get matted and tangled. Their long fur needs combing on nearly a daily basis, as it aids in really preventing matting. For bathing, an occasional schedule will do to keep their fur in the best condition. With this, many people are turned off by the fact that these types of tabbies require frequent grooming as it intervenes with their time, more so if their owner is working full time. 

Attention seeker 24/7 

These cats can thrive alone, but are not really built for alone time occurring for long periods of time. They require a lot of attention, but they do compromise on silent hangouts. If you left them, these cats would think you are annoyed, even, you hate them, and it can alter their moods. They can be destructive. 

Can be picky with foods 

Persian cats have a reputation of being great, in rejecting foods they dislike. They would often resort to fasting, instead of eating what you gave them that they do not really resonate with. 


Persian cats are an expensive breed that can cost up to $3000 USD. Aside from this, they are also difficult and expensive to locate, which means that buying one for yourself is not that amusing. But wait, that expensiveness stretches up until you are raising them. They have a high cost of maintenance that goes mainly in maintaining their delicate fur and their sensitive appetite. Keep in mind at the end of the day, aren’t a few cons worth bearing if the exchange of it is a lifetime of a very lovable feline, just as with a Teacup Persian cat? 

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