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Snows in the shapes of dogs, lively, always smiling, gracious and funny; the smiling Samoyed, is easily one of the most beautiful dogs to exist in the world. These furballs stand out for their white fluffiness; wedge-shaped head, pricked ears, plumed tail, and their upturned mouth manifesting a constant smiling face. Behind their gorgeous arctic-pure appearance that is so endearing, lurks a smart, fun, loving, deeply affectionate, and energetic dog. 

Now, Samoyed, or their nickname of Sammie, has many great excellent qualities; but however seemingly perfect both inside and outside they seem, like all dog breeds; it speaks to some and not to others. Now, to help if a Samoyed dog is rightful and speaks to you, we will discuss all the good; and the bad of raising one of their own. In this article are the good or pros and the bad or the cons of these snowballs in canine form; that will help you on deciding your first of many, or your next dog.

Pros or Good at Raising a Samoyed Dog 

Ideal family dog 

If you’ve ever encountered a Samoyed, you’ve probably thought of how lively and just friend-looking their vibe is. The good news is their personalities, really do match their endearing physical attributes. Samoyeds are kind, gentle. Friendly and loving dogs that quickly form a connection and bond to their owner as well as his family members. They do well whichever age range a person belongs to, they are protective especially of toddlers; and children which makes them wonderful. They make excellent playmates to children. 

The dogs originate in North-Western Russia, where they grew up using for hunting and herding of reindeer. They were very much a part of the Russian locals, and these, as a result; have molded them to love human company. They have a docile temperament and great work ethics, that is why your family is in good hands. 

Quick learners 

These dog breeds are easily ranked at 44th spot in the famous intelligence of Dogs book. According to the author; Stanley Coren, Samoyeds only need an outstanding 15-20 repetitions for them to adapt and learn a new command. They are intelligent and highly quick learners, obedient, and highly trainable. Funnily; a lot of people jokingly preach that you as an owner must train your Samoyed until they are young, as you do not want them to outsmart you. 

Training really does flow smoothly, as well as playful tricks and skills, Samoyeds are at ease to them. 

Have the most adorable smile 

Smiling Sammie is the adorable nickname these dogs are called for. This is because they look the absolute best when they are smiling. It is a trait that most Samoyed owners see as a stress reliever; as it really never fails to put a smile on the ones seeing them. Furthermore; it is also an attribute that is proven to be a big hit on social media platforms, with nearly a million submissions for the hashtag #Samoyed smile. 

Usually good-natured with everyone 

Samoyeds are gentle affectionate dogs that rarely go aggressive, unnecessarily loud, aggressive, and irrationally destructive. You won’t see one biting off people, barking at strangers, or chewing things on the house. This is highly advantageous as it also means how self-reliant they are in being left alone. In times of social gathering, you can take your eyes off them as they will not go into beast mode trying to cause fights with strangers; but rather they will be out making friends. 

Adaptable and have low to moderate maintenance needs

Samoyeds thrive in any place and weather you place them. Apartment living, city, county, big or small house? Humid or cold weather? They will not in the slightest sense complain. They are generally healthy, as a primitive breed, these dogs inherited strong immunity from their ancestors; and they are made with really no special considerations you must pay attention to. 

Their maintenance consists of daily moderate exercise sessions, for about 15 to 20 minutes, to maintain their weight and to enhance both their physical; and mental health. Aside from that; is their grooming needs of at least three times a week to maintain its healthy coat and finally, their social needs, which must exist daily. You must give them a time of your day to connect and bond. These dogs’ diets are fairly easy to abide by; as they thrive in a combination of dog food, whole meats, fruits, and vegetables. 

Cons or Bad at Raising a Samoyed Dog

Poor guard dog 

As Samoyeds are very good-natured and friendly to all; they cannot be a reliable defender and when guarding the house, they are slow in picking up threats. Samoyeds also do not do well in being vigilant and alert, as they treat anyone really with affection and kindness. 

They do not tolerate loneliness that much 

Because of their very outgoing and loving nature, Samoyed gets negative feelings when being left alone. These dogs, unfortunately, attribute their worth based on the loving and affection they get; but also, it does not take much for them to be happy. If you are a busy person, they will deeply appreciate it if you let him observe you. 

Heavy shedders 

Perhaps the biggest drawback about owning these adorable snowballs is how much work it takes in their shedding. If you decide to own one of them, you must have a vacuum to aid in the vast amount of fur pooches it produces. These dogs are generally low to moderate shredders, but there are times when they do so heavily, due to factors of weather; health condition, stress levels, and hormonal imbalance. Thus, it can really be a lot of work. 

Samoyeds deserve a shot in your heart, don’t they? I hope the good and the bad in Samoyeds, help you decide on whether they are in tune with your lifestyle, and if it is a yes, then you are on for an adventure. In the case where it is a no, then we’ll discover more dog breeds to help the finest one for you. 

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