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As you have already learned, domestic canaries can be divided into three categories: color canaries, type canaries, and song canaries. Color canaries are bred for specific color mutations while type canaries are bred for their shape and for specific conformations. In this section you will receive an overview of some of the most popular species in each group.

Color Canaries

Types of color canaries include:

  • Color Bred Canary (yellow, orange, green, blue, brown, bronze, etc.)
  • Red Factor Canary

Varieties of type canaries include:

  • Belgian Fancy Canary
  • Border Fancy Canary
  • Crested Canary
  • Fife Fancy Canary
  • Gloster Fancy Canary
  • Lizard Canary
  • Northern Dutch Frilled Canary
  • Norwich Canary
  • Parisian Frilled Canary
  • Stafford Canary
  • Yorkshire Canary

Song Canaries

Some canary songs are trilling and sweet while others are loud, almost metallic-sounding.

Types of song canaries include:

  • American Singer Canary
  • Hartz Roller Canary
  • Persian Singer Canary
  • Russian Singer Canary
  • Spanish Timbrado
  • Waterslager Canary

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