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What are healthy food ingredients to feed my mice? As component of my study into nourishment I began to check out whether there are foods that can assist stop or undoubtedly treat some of the common illness that mice experience. It is relatively well understood that mice, in specific female mice; are fairly vulnerable to tumors as well as whilst sluggish expanding, benign tumors can generally be gotten rid of all frequently they are malignant and/or aggressive as well as cannot be dealt with. What are healthy food ingredients to feed my mice?

Having shed mice myself to cancerous lumps looking at feasible methods to avoid this was a concern of mine therefore far the outcomes have actually been extremely promising! What are healthy food ingredients to feed my mice? Red grapes, curly kale and also garlic are all reported to have anti cancer cells buildings in addition to various other health; and wellness benefits as well as though it might well be coincidence now my mice haven’t had a lump in between them given that I began routinely feeding them these foods!


What are healthy food ingredients to feed my mice? Garlic has – among others – a substance called alliin, which has been revealed to ruin cancer cells; in addition to an active ingredient called allyl sulfur which aids avoid cancer cells developing. Garlic is also great for fighting infection, protecting against embolism and boosting the immune system therefore is something my mice all now jump on a semi regular basis. If you do not mind foul-smelling mice! It can be fed fresh, in the form of odorless capsules or as a dried out powder that can usually either be sprinkled over food or included in drinking water.

Red Grapes

Red grapes are an exceptional source of flavanoids which are verified to increase the levels of important enzymes that subsequently minimize the risk of a number of sorts of cancer establishing.

Curly Kale

What are healthy food ingredients to feed my mice? Curly Kale is a dark green leafy vegetable which is a participant of the very same household of vegetables as broccoli as well as spinach. As well as being an excellent source of vitamin A, vitamin C, calcium as well as phosphorus it is additionally abundant in the antioxidant lutein.

Carbonated Drinks

What are healthy food ingredients to feed my mice? Rats and also mice cannot burp (or vomit) due to the makeup of their tummies so fizzy beverages; whilst not causing them to blow up as rumor would certainly have it, will likely leave them with a terrible belly pains.


Alcohol is an unsafe point to offer to any type of pet, yet with something as little as a mouse even relatively percentages can create possibly deadly diarrhea, liver or even brain damage.


A great guideline is to never ever feed your mice any type of scraps or leftovers of food that you wouldn’t consume on your own. Peelings as well as unwashed fruit and veg normally consist of the pesticides ; and also other chemicals that are sprayed on crops; as they grow as well as over ripe fruit and old leftovers are simply as – otherwise more – most likely to trigger belly troubles in a mouse as they are in a person.


What are healthy food ingredients to feed my mice? Citrus fruits (such as oranges, mangos as well as lemons as an example) are really strongly acidic as well as consequently are very likely to cause dismayed bellies and diarrhea in mice, even in small amounts.

Small Amounts Only

Mice do not call for milk products in their diet plan and also cheese, milk etc prevail sources of food allergy and also are really high in fat; so if provided in any way they must really be percentages and also occasionally. The only exemption to this is the natural, real-time yoghurt (plain not flavoured) which can be great for resolving belly distress.

Sugary Foods

Any type of food that is high in sugar and/or fat need to be kept as deals with only. This includes fatty seeds such as sunflower; and also white millet, nuts like peanuts, grains high in sugar along with ‘human’ deals with such as biscuits, cake, chocolate and so on. Most of these I would certainly advise not to feed in any way although in tiny quantities they are not likely to do any type of damage.

Fruits and Veggies

What are healthy food ingredients to feed my mice? These are nevertheless really helpful for supplying your mouse with a resource of water when taking a trip or for other brief time periods when a canteen is unwise.

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