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Mice have been an exotic pet for a long time now, and they have a lot to offer. They may not commonly be thought of as pets, but as any mouse or rat enthusiast will tell you; they make wonderful, affectionate companions that will surely enhance your life. In this article, you’ll learn facts about pet mice that every exotic pet owner, or soon-to-be; will surely love and adore.

Mice are interactive and very lovable 

These tiny rodents love to emit energy wherever they go. They love to hang out with their owner and do activities such as watching TV, snacking, playing fetch; or simply taking a nap.  Resembling a dog, they can sense their owners by sight, smell, and sound and get all excited seeing them. They show affection in the weirdest ways; such as following you around, deeply staring at you; and being so comfortable lying around your neck.

They are super smart 

Mice are unbelievably intelligent for their little bodies. Mice can learn tricks, just as with dogs, including puzzles, run in mazes, find hidden snacks and perform relatively easy dog tricks; such as fetching. Rats can be potty-trained, thus saving you from the headache of having to clean up after their unfortunate mess. 

Rats are almost as clean as cats 

Yes, these tiny joys surely associate with dirty streets and spoiled foods; but it is so obvious that they are the opposite. Rats and mice are, so-called, fastidiously clean. In reality, they do not like it when their bedding is soiled or wet. They also spend the rest of their days just licking and cleaning themselves. 

It is believed that they want to groom themselves, as well as one of their kind; including their owner, when they are comfortable in doing so. They also like to stockpile their food orderly and neatly. The expression “gross, dirty little rats” obviously is a misnomer, as these lovely ones are tidy and hygienic. 

Mice are quiet 

You ever wonder how you got mice in your house, or in random buildings; and this would go for so long undetected? This is because they are extremely quiet, Sure, they make peeps, squeals; and chitter-chatter sounds, and you can sometimes locate the sound of their little feet but in general, they really are not loud. This is advantageous, as they can be kept successfully in small apartments with tin walls and neighbors that are noise-sensitive. 

Mice do not take a lot of space 

These pocket-size animals can thrive in small cages that do not take up large space that will compromise your lifestyle at home. Appropriately sized cages with lots of stimulation tools that promote exercise are ideal for them. So if you want a neat home, and an active tiny pet? Pet mice are the way to go. 

They will not give you are a hard time in taking care of them 

Mice can be housed in well-ventilated; heavy plastic or powder-coated metal cages, with narrow bar spacing and grated leads, and they will thrive best and complain about nothing. Bedding is easy, as they only need a shredded recycled paper or paper-based pellets. They can digest both if eaten; and it should be deep to aid in minimizing the trauma of their soles and feet. Bedding also enables them to do digging and hiding, which keeps them entertained when you cannot give them attention. 

For dietary needs, the first, are suckers for water and need fresh water every day to quench their thirst. For food, you are to give them species-specific pellets that are nutritious; and high quality, as well as fresh produce such as egg, meat, cereal or other healthy human foods. 

Lastly, these creatures need smooth-sided exercise wheels in which they can walk and run and a hiding spot. This is to ensure their mental well-being. Add up a few toys, and you’re already successful. Clearly, do not forget to pour them love, care, affection, and admiration. 

Mice have a wide range of varieties 

The main reason they are so popular; and loved as house pets is that they have a lot of varieties of which you can choose. These curious, cuddly, affectionate animals exist in different colors, ranging from black, gray, lack to different shades of browns. There are mice that have different fur lengths and textures. There exist short smooth coats, to curly ones, and even hairless mice. Their textures can exist between typically smooth coated to silky satin that is a pleasure to touch. 


Yes, they may not be the conventional pet most people lean on, but mice are worth giving a shot of trying. You clicking on this is something else, and if you need that one encouragement, get yourself a mouse you can and will take care of. After all, what is not to like about these small little bundles of fun and excitement?

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