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What are the different methods of racing pigeons? Fanciers have, for many years, created different approaches of competing pigeons, each having as its major purpose the boosted efficiency of their pigeons. At one time the natural system of racing, where the pigeons are mated and after that flown whilst they are reproducing or feeding youngsters, was the only system understood. What are the different methods of racing pigeons? Belgium fanciers, however, uncovered and also established what is today called the widowhood system. The fanciers that found this approach, maintained their trick to themselves and also for time they controlled competing with their extraordinary outcomes. What are the different methods of racing pigeons? Other fanciers, nevertheless, eventually found their secret as well as because then the equilibrium has been restored. Everyone stood an equivalent opportunity as soon as again, with success relying on the quality of the pigeon and also the understanding, experience and administration of the fancier.

Secret Medicines?

What are the different methods of racing pigeons? Fanciers that think that they can make pigeons fly faster by giving them all kinds of secret medicines and drugs will certainly be disappointed by their results. A pigeon can only accomplish leading performances when it is enjoying best wellness; it gets to top condition with workout as well as proper feeding.

Two Elements

There are two elements of a pigeon’s problem that influence the end result obtained. To begin with there is the physical condition of the pigeon, which will certainly identify whether it can do the distance, at the pace enabled by prevailing climate condition. In the 2nd place, its performance will certainly be influenced by its psychological problem. This will be the objective prompting it to do that additional bit which will certainly bring it just that fraction in advance of the various other pigeon, or make it attempt that bit harder, in over night races, to get to residence in the twilight when other pigeons have determined to call it a day and have actually perched for the evening.

Pigeon’s Psychological Conditions

It sometimes happens that a pigeon’s psychological condition as well as will, will dominate its physical condition yet this will be the exception instead of the guideline because a pigeon’s physical condition is typically the determining consider his efficiency. Consequently we shall initially go over the elements which influence the physical problem. Afterwards we can go over the various racing systems which have a greater impact on the pigeon’s psychological problem, whilst also influencing his physical problem to a certain extent.

Hormone Factors

What are the different methods of racing pigeons? Seasoned fanciers anxiously expect indicators of the autumn of down feathers from their racers. This is not a lot due to the fact that the fall of the down plumes, in itself, is so crucial, but because it is an indicator that the glands have actually launched some hormonal agents which will cause the moult. It is a well established fact that pigeons will only get to top kind after they have actually cast their very first trips. In various other words, after the glands have actually been boosted to release the hormones, which by their working, aid to bring the pigeon into leading problem.

Physical Conditions

Pigeons will certainly get to leading physical condition by feeding and workout but will certainly after that still not race along with expected. All of a sudden, a modification will certainly come over them and also they will certainly race incredibly well for a few weeks. This is when the loft strikes type, a condition of incredibly health and wellness and physical condition that comes and leaves of its own accord. When he desires it, lts arrival is invited by all fanciers yet no fancier has actually yet prospered in bringing this condition regarding. It typically occurs when the temperature of the loft climbs and also the satisfied equilibrium of work and also food is reached.


What are the different methods of racing pigeons? Pigeons are either that little too hefty or simply that little under weight. The fancier is not qualified of functioning out exactly how a lot he needs to feed his birds or just how much work they should get. He consequently services a system of feeding and also working, as well as really hopes that he will strike the middle ground by possibility.

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