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How do I maintain my racing pigeons? Fanciers who are overfeeding their birds normally are successful in the tough races given that the birds can make use of that added prospective power whilst fanciers who underfeed, prosper in the faster races, considering that excess weight comes to be a worry. How do I maintain my racing pigeons? It is hard to strike a pleased medium however by study and also experience one slowly develops a system to which one’s pigeons respond as well as whereby one can accomplish success. In this article, you’ll learn how do I maintain my racing pigeons?

Handling Pigeons

How do I maintain my racing pigeons?  If you handle your pigeons on a regular basis, especially during the night time, you will certainly discover to feel what the problem of their muscular tissues is. For this function, one takes the pigeon in one hand in the normal means and puts the other hand in front with the thumb over the back as well as the four fingers beside the bust bone. By pressing these fingers a little right into the muscular tissues you will feel a specific resistance and with technique will certainly soon be able to teil whether the muscular tissues are swollen with power or flat and deflated.

Race Components

The ideal treatment is to handie the pigeon on basketing day and once again after the race, when you must have the ability to feel the distinction. The pigeons which have actually taken component in the race will certainly have decreased muscles as a result of the job, whilst those which have not been competed will certainly feel full and round like an inflated rubber tube. Those that have not been to the race would lose condition, by which I mean that their muscles would certainly come to be decreased, whilst those that have competed would slowly begin developing. The pigeons are gone on this combination for two or 3 days as well as the daily exercise is continued as from the night after the day of the race. Depending upon how difficult the race was, you may cut down on the time they work out.

Racing Blend

How do I maintain my racing pigeons?  This blend is called a detoxifying mixture, which is a straight identifying after the job it does; it in fact works as a purifyer, to make sure that making use of a purgative comes to be absolutely unnecessary when this mixture is used. Eager observation will certainly soon confirm to you just how valuable the mix really is, since your pigeons will certainly practically promptly regain their pinkish flesh colour, regarding a day or 2 after the race. Although they will seem very starving when eaten this blend they will certainly still exercise when discharge, but not as strongly as when fed upon the usual auto racing blend.

Racing Mixture

The duration which you maintain them on this mixture depends totally upon your functioning system, but I have actually discovered with experience that it is feasible to calculate exactly for how long you need to feed your typical auto racing mix to have the birds in approximately the very same condition each basketing day. You will certainly observe exactly how swiftly they developed once more when preyed on the typical racing mixture and you will also note an improvement in the means they work out as basketing day attracts better.

Feeding System

How do I maintain my racing pigeons? By adjusting this feeding system to match your very own training techniques you will locate that it is feasible to minimize the amount of job offered and also still have your pigeons in the preferred problem on the day of basketing. You will conveniently appreciate that you can, by these means, manage the physical condition of your pigeons at will. A lot of fanciers are inclined to strain their pigeons and also fall short to understand that pigeons sometimes need a remainder in order to recoup their strength.

Pigeon Fancier

One have to understand that the pigeon’s body is not a device which though some fanciers prosper in obtaining it to function like a device, they can do so for only a minimal duration of time. The training approaches of various fanciers differ according to the sort of pigeon they have. It is consequently vital that you utilize a system as close as possible to the one made use of by the fancier or fanciers from whom you got your pigeons. When you desire to race them successfully over the brief range races, you will certainly locate it necessary to function your pigeons reasonably hard. However, they will certainly need more remainder when the far away occasions go along.

Feeding Mixture

In addition it will certainly be needed to readjust your feeding mixture as necessary. Pigeons will certainly need much more power for the far away races, as well as consequently one ought to feed more maize when these races are flown. The common auto racing mixture ought to contain a minimum of 60 % carbs, but this percentage can be increased to 70 % and even 80 % when far away races are flown.


How do I maintain my racing pigeons? It is vital to discover to know each pigeon separately given that no two pigeons are alike as well as because the high quality of pigeons varies so significantly. I mentioned earlier that each fancier is inclined to reproduce the sort of pigeon which reacts to his racing techniques, however it is also real to say that each fancier has just a few pigeons of exceptional course in his loft space. As the secretary of the Pretoria Competing Pigeon Union, I have actually made a study of the numbers of the pigeons which have actually flown well for each and every fancier, when authorizing the reward certifications at the end of the season.

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