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Every cat lovers in this world has only one impeccable dream; and that is to own unlimited cats in their existence. While it is impossible, we can adjust and add a cat that will speak to us. These cats, manifesting a raccoon; and a red panda nickname, and a grumpy cat stereotype are known for their piercing ocean eyes, distinctive markings; with absolute lovable personalities that account for them making the next fabulous pet of your home.

Snowshoe cats and Siamese are similar, mistakenly, they can be viewed as siblings. 

The two are not similar, moreover not siblings. However, the snowshoe’s origins are based upon the Siamese. In early 1960, breeder Dorothy Hinds Daugherty from Philadelphia found three kittens in a litter of Siamese; each with four white feet that have led her to create a breed; with the brains and cuteness of a Siamese. A medium-sized physique with paws that looks like pure snow. She did this by crossing three white-footed Siamese with American Shorthair; who have tuxedo markings that create the distinctive features of Snowshoe cats. The ones who have a pointed feline, with markings of white on the feet, face, and chest. 

They have the loveliest appearance 

The snowshoe is a medium-large moderately accustomed cat/ their heads fall either triangular to an apple shape; with an upside-down “V” marking that is standard for their breed. Their ears are pointed and wide-set; with eyes that manifest in the form of walnut and always in the strong shade of ocean blue. 

Their fur is short, single coated and color painted. The most common shades of them are fawn, chocolate, blue, but rarely do black, orange and lilac exist. Their paws are white, which signifies their lovely name. The white can lengthen up to their legs, to varying tendencies.

They at times are chatty 

Snowshoe cats are adorable because of the soft; melodic thrill they like to showcase their owners, and yes, they do sound like music to the ears. They like to do it often and it is humorous; that your own snowshoe cat does that because she wants to vocalize her opinion to you.  

Mom, Best friend, and a Comedian 

The snowshoe cat does wear lots of personalities on varying occasions and tendencies; depending on what you need the most at a given time. As a mom, she’ll show love and affection, eagerness to cuddle; always concerned, and always on the verge of asking how you are and how your day has been. As your best friend, she’ll show you her clingy, vulnerable, and always down for everything side. She does not like for the two of you to be apart. Lastly, a comedian that will do goofy things, making you laugh out loud and entertaining you; as consistent as almost every day. (Cats can have those quiet bossy moments, but their presence sure is still lovable in that times).

Snowshoe cats are smart 

Aside from their great personality, they are active; they have a brain to boot. They are highly trainable, able to conduct tricks, to walk on leashes, to open doors, and moreover, cannot resist the game of fetch. Your very own snowshoe cat will surely succeed in agility courses, and have swimming skills innate to her. 

Snowshoe cats are very much alike to dogs

Most of this breed’s pet owners agree that they manifest retriever-like traits. They are super social, super reliable, and have lots of skills, they have a keen sense of smell and sight. They thrive in a household full of dogs; so if you are a dog lover as well, those two will bond rapidly and forge friendships you’ll be proud of.  Also, they are very open to befriend anyone, especially kids that they willingly protect at all cost. It is lovable just by thinking of it. Old people love this breed as well, and they definitely are a loyal companion to our elderly. 

They are very easy to take care of 

This fascinating breed of cat will not give you any headache whatsoever! They are fairly easy to maintain. Their needs as almost all of any other cats there are, in fact, because of it they have been labeled as a low-worry breed. Nevertheless, you are expected to give your very own a tremendous amount of love and care, to foster a long (yes, they lived up to 20 years) euphoric relationship with each other, 

Ready to Own a Snowshoe Cat?

Snowshoe cats are indeed snowflakes of joy! If you are to raise your own, by all means and encouragement, I urge you to do so and just go for it. You are greatly encouraged as I am certain that with how they are built and how they come to know, you two will have a great loving, cat and mom, cat and dad relationship. Remember to be in a mind state of confidence in raising them effectively, as our cat’s health and well-being are our responsibilities, and our responsibilities only. 

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