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You’re probably eager to learn about how you can effectively raise your own, or soon to own a snowshoe cat; and to add, yes, you are making a great choice in doing so. Snowshoe cats are one of these incredibly unique, attractive, and built with overly dynamic and great personalities. Boring doesn’t even come close to them!

Snowshoe Cat’s Shelter Needs

Snowshoe cats typically do not need a specific shelter at home; as they can chill and have fun in any place, and it is considered healthier for their well-being. What is expected from you is buying their little box, and encouraging them to use them. 

  • The litter box acts as a bathroom for them; you are encouraged to place them in a quiet spot where your snowshoe will not be bothered by people and loud noises. 
  • Cleaning it, you are encouraged to scoop the litter daily; and clean and replace the whole litter at least once a week. 
  • Buy a high-quality, large one to make sure it is comfortable to use. 

A Comfy Cat is a Happy Cat

If you are to separate your cat from you in the nighttime; you are then to buy a bed specifically for them. Their bed must be soft, with lots of decoration to stimulate them at night. If you sleep with them, you must give them a comfortable space of sanctuary. 

Snowshoe cats are active; you are encouraged to buy them a scratching post; as well as a cat gym if you have the means, as these two stimulate them well. For a more affordable option; you are to engage with playing with them at least for 30 minutes per day, with toys such as balls they can chase around; fake mice; and fake fish. If you have a large bat; you’ll be surprised how much they love swimming here and there, encouraging and training them to do so. 

Snowshoe Cat’s Dietary Needs

Snowshoe cats are carnivores, and they thrive well on a mixture of cat foods intended for them; and the half of it being cooked meats including beef, chicken, turke;, and small amounts of lean deli meats. Meats for them provide a strong heart, great vision, and healthy reproductive health. With cat foods, they are intended to supply high protein; with ranges of vitamins and minerals to supplement their healthy stable growth. Moreover, it aids tremendously to their dental health. 

For snacks and rewards for tricks, you are encouraged to give them small amounts of nutritious fruits and vegetables:

  • Apples.
  • Bananas.
  • Blueberries.
  • Strawberries.
  • Seedless watermelon.
  • Carrots 
  • Peas
  • Broccoli
  • Pumpkin 
  • Lettuce 

Feed ‘Em Treats

Readily available treats for cats in groceries will also do just fine; just make sure it is natural and free from any unnecessary additives, and make sure its nutritional levels are notoriously impressive.

Snowshoes are fond of foods, making them at risk for obesity, and obesity will lead to various heart diseases. To avoid it as much as possible, only feed them twice a day; inadequate amounts, and do not overdo giving treats. Make sure to also supply enough drinking water, as their thirst can be mistaken for hunger; and they too just generally forget to adequately drink it. 

Snowshoe Cat’s Health Needs

This breed is generally healthy, with no heightened risk of any other alarming cat diseases. With this in mind, we ought to focus on ways of maintaining their health by means of:

Brushing their coat every day, or every other day.

Brushing your cat’s fur will help get rid of hairballs that have a risk of developing on their digestive tract; which leads to various gut problems. Place lots of drinking stations; as these cats do not have the same thirst-drive as any other animals, making them prone to dehydration.

Do not disturb their sleep, and make sure they are getting it adequately.

Because they are active, they tend to have naps frequently, and if they do so, do not disturb them as they are recharging themselves. In the night, abiding by this tip as well as all of us living requires adequate sleep to function at our maximum best and efficiency.

Get them moving.

Engaging in giving them active playtime, with a cat gym; or a scratching post, or just a little walk in the neighborhood can boost their immunity and generally make their emotional health happier; as those stagnant cats are to be found less lively and healthy, physically and emotionally. 

Try to extend their diet by adding vitamins and minerals to the cat’s supplements.

There are reputable brands of cat supplements that provide added vitamins and minerals that are tailored to give your cat its optimum nutrition and health state. They are highly beneficial, so I encourage you to add them. 

Aiding to their vet needs.

The moment you own one of them is the moment a lot of health fulfillment is placed in your hands such as vaccinations and de-worming, and aiding them with such will give them immunity for various diseases. Moreover, giving them regular vet consultations and aiding any of their health concerns are the top secrets of securing their optimum health. 

Keep in Mind

A snowshoe cat might be the perfect breed you are on the hunt for. This adorable cat, with its great physical features and its endearing, greatly lovable demeanor, will not let you down. If you are looking for a sign to raise one then take my yes to further push you to do so!

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