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What do ball pythons need? The needs of ball pythons will vary depending on their age. The main difference between a hatchling ball python and adult one is the size of the food they need to consume. Another factor is also their growing size. What do ball pythons need? A baby ball python can live in a smaller tank initially and also consume less compared to an adult. Aside from the enclosure and food, the main factor that can contribute to the overall costs of snake keeping in addition to the tank needs and food is the health of your snake. Healthy ball pythons won’t be that much of a problem but if ever your pet gets sick, the medical bills can increase your expenses. In this article, what do ball pythons need? We will also provide you with the materials that you need for your pet snake.   

What Do Ball Pythons Need: Tank Essentials

Water Bowl

What do ball pythons need? What a lot of people don’t know is that a ball python drinks water! It’s vital that you provide your ball python with a water bowl so he can have access to clean and fresh water. Make sure that the water bowl you buy is not something that can easily be tipped over. Most keepers use a natural – looking rock dish. This will cost you just around $10. You also need to ensure that the water you provide is not de – chlorinated. 

Dry Hide

What do ball pythons need? Ball pythons also need a dry hid. This will function as their private area where they can rest and feel safe. While the rocks and plants in a snake’s tanks can offer places to hide, it is still not effective enough compared to a real dry hide. Most snake keepers buy two hides; one for the basking area and one for the cooler side. Both of these can provide them with the option to choose where they want to rest. 

Your ball python’s dry hide does not need to look a certain way; this is great because it can give you a chance to match it with the overall enclosure. You can either buy a standard snake hide, or you can also build one if you want. You don’t have to spend more than $30 for two hides.         

Humid Hide

A humid hide is just the same with a dry hide but the main difference is that one is kept humid. The humidity level should be good enough for a ball python to rest in. Your pet will also use this when they were shedding. Once you notice that your ball python is in its shedding season, this the perfect time to put in a humid hide.    

Just like the dry hide, you can buy a humid hide from pet stores for just $20 or you can make one. You can also use safe Tupperware filled with moss. This essential keeps the environment humid inside. 

What Do Ball Pythons Need: Consumables

What do ball pythons need? Consumable products are the main source of costs that you will have to incur every single year. Food, moss, substrate, and cleaning materials are the most frequently used. You need to constantly replace these products once it runs out. It’s highly recommended that you get a quality version of these products especially the food and bedding materials. This is because your ball python will consume and use it on a daily basis. If you provide a low – quality food and unsanitary bedding, it can surely have negative health effects.


What do ball pythons need? Snakes in general are carnivorous animals, which means that they only eat meat. Ball pythons in particular are fond of eating rodents for many years. This is a staple in their diet. What this means is that you need to include rodents in your pet’s diet. It should make up the largest part of their meal. The best part is that rodents are generally cheap and also simple to prepare.

From a young age, ball pythons eat mice and rats. A smaller mouse is the best size for your juvenile pet, but when he becomes an adult, you need to feed him with a much large – size rodent. The basic rule of thumb is that your snake should not eat a mouse or rat that’s larger than them in circumference.

Feeding your young ball python twice a week will just amount to around $2. For adults, it will cost around $4. If ever you live in a rural area, you can actually catch a mouse/ rat yourself and feed it to your snake. However, we discourage this because you’re not sure if the rat or mouse has a disease that can potentially affect your pet.


What do ball pythons need? Another important thing you need is a substrate. This is what you need to place at the bottom of your pet’s tank. This substrate functions as a natural floor for your pet but it can also make the cage cleaner because it can absorb waste. There are a few different kinds of substrate available in pet stores. Each of them has unique features and their prices will vary as well.

No matter what kind of substrate you choose, make sure you choose one that can hold moisture and also keep the humidity levels. You should also change your substrate at least after every 2 to 6 months. This will cost you around $50 to $70 annually.

Sphagnum Moss

What do ball pythons need? There is a lot of moss available (either than in pet stores and online pet stores) that you can use in your pet’s tank. You need to choose a moss that can hold moisture and also something that don’t decompose easily. You need to regularly mist the moss in order to keep it damp. The sphagnum moss also works well in your pet’s humid hide. 

Once you see the sphagnum moss break down, that’s the time you need to replace it. Since you don’t need to replace it often, it will only take a small portion of your budget. 

Ball Python Medical Care

What do ball pythons need? Just like other snake species and common household pets, they are also prone to health issues. Even if you keep them healthy, they can still be at risk of random medical problems. If you’re an attentive keeper, you can definitely avoid many problems (and also save a lot of money). Prevention is still better than cure!

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