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What do Bengal cat needs? The Bengal is a unique and wonderful breed of cat but it may not be the right choice for everyone. What do Bengal cat needs? Before you decide whether or not it might be the right pet for you and your family; you need to learn and invest a significant amount of time in getting to know these animals. What do Bengal cat needs? Aside from its interesting personality; Bengal cats were also admired by cat owners because of its unique physical characteristics and unique markings. 

What You Need to Know About Bengal Cats

What do Bengal cat needs? Generally, the head of the Bengal is a modified wedge-shaped, with rounded contours; and their ears are small to medium that are relatively short, set toward the side of the head. Their eyes are large and oval in shape which is also round, and its eye color is typically depends on the breed of their original ancestry; it comes in ice blue, deep copper gold, brilliant yellow, to a startling minty green. Its legs are slightly longer in the back than in the front; it is medium-length in size with large, round paws. These cats have thick, medium-length tail and it also has a spotted belly.

Physical Attributes

Female Bengal cats weigh an average of 8 to 12 pounds while males can reach around 10 – 15 pounds. It is relatively a medium to a large-sized cat breed. These cats are also unique because of their confident attitude. Bengals, like any other cats, are generally carnivorous. Usually pet cats such as Bengals can get its complete nutrients with variety of cat foods available in local pet stores and even online. The general guideline when feeding cats is that the cat food should have high; and balanced levels of amino acids, vitamins, fiber, minerals; and fats to maintain its health and keep it away from diseases.

Bengals are doesn’t have any health issues and have a relatively long life expectancy. Although; these cats are generally healthy you still need to provide all its necessities so that you as the owner can keep them healthy and happy.

Housing Bengal Cats

What do Bengal cat needs? In terms of its habitat requirements, what your cat really needs is lots of room to roam around with. It will also need plenty of stimulating; and engaging toys to play with to help him work off its excess energy. Cats love to climb, so consider buying or building a cat tree for your Bengal kittens. You can also install shelving on your walls to give your cat a place to perch; that way it can have an overview of the whole place and may feel secure. Just be careful about decorating your house with things that can be knocked over; cats are notorious for making a game of knocking things off shelves.

Cat Crates

Your Bengal will not need a crate like a dog does; but you should provide it with a nice comfy bed. Many cat owners find that their cats do not actually sleep in their cat beds; they prefer to sleep in boxes or in other strange locations. To encourage your cat to use the bed, try sprinkling it with catnip. You may even want to keep several beds around the house in places your

Bengal is likely to hang out like in a quiet room, under a window or in the living room. Another environmental factor you need to consider for Bengal cats is the temperature. Even if these cats have a thick coat of fur to keep them warm; the ambient temperature in your house should still be normal, not too hot and not too cold either. You should also avoid exposing your Bengal to too much sunlight because it might cause skin or coat issues.

Cat – Proofing Your Bengals

Bengals are naturally outgoing but like other cats they are meant to stay indoors; they are lively and a natural “house cat,” while it is true that letting your cat play or roam around outside may exercise their hunting skills; staying outdoors could potentially be harmful to your cat because of dangerous factors such as predators, and exposure to diseases.

Tips on How to Cat – Proof Your House

What do Bengal cat needs? Provide fences, a screened porch or a safe enclosure. Be sure to cat-proof your yard so that your cat could experience the outdoors safely. Buy a harness and train your cat to walk on a leash when going around the neighborhood. Install padded perches indoors near a window frame; or in your patio so that your pet could enjoy and hang out. You need to also consider buying a ready-made cat tree to provide climbing opportunities for your cat inside. Bengals loves to play, so keep lots of cat toys out and put anything precious and destructible away. Socialize the kitten early on with as many people as you possibly can to prevent the cat becoming a one – person cat. If you want to bring them outside, Bengals are easily harness trained.

Socialization Tips

The Bengal cat is naturally interactive; and an outgoing breed, but you still need to socialize them to ensure that they become well-adjusted to different environments. If you don’t give your Bengal cat or kittens plenty of new experiences it might respond to new situations with fear or anxiety. Fortunately, socialization for Bengal cats is easy to grasp. Follow the tips below:

Tip #1: Introduce your cat/kitten to friends in the comfort of your own home where your cat/kitten feels safe.
Tip #2: Take your cat with you to the pet store or to a friend’s house so that it experiences new locations.
Tip #3: Expose your cat/kitten to people of different sizes, shapes, gender, and skin color.
Tip #4: Make sure to introduce your cat/kitten to children of different ages. Just supervise the kids to make sure they handle the cat/kitten safely.
Tip #5: Take your cat/kitten with you in the car when you run errands; make them part of your daily routine as much as possible. Tip #6: Expose your cat/kitten to loud noises such as fireworks, cars backfiring, loud music, and thunder. It will get used to it eventually.
Tip #7: Introduce your cat/kitten to various appliances and tools such as blenders, lawn mowers, vacuums, etc.
Tip #8: Play with your cat/kitten using different kinds of toys and experiment with different kinds of food and treats to also see its preferences.


What do Bengal cat needs? Bengal cats loves to play a lot, very energetic, highly sociable and demands lots of attention. Your Bengal will need plenty of daily exercises in the form of active playtime; and it will want to spend a lot of time with you as well. Make sure you can give your pet lots of attention otherwise it may not be the right breed for you. Are you ready to keep one? Well, here’s a sneak peek for you!

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