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Do Bengal cats make good pets? Bengal cats are smart and highly – trainable pets. In fact, many keepers believe that they are arguably cleverer than dogs. Do Bengal cats make good pets? However sometimes, their uniqueness and intelligence makes them more sensitive to their own feelings as well as that of others. Generally speaking, they make good companions. In this article, we will discuss all about this wonderful breed and answer your question, do Bengal cats make good pets?

Do Bengal Cats Make Good Pets: What You Need to Know

Do Bengal cats make good pets? Before we go to their personality and behavior, we will first give you a quick background about the Bengal breed. One of the main reasons why people love this breed is because they come in various coat colors.

Coat Types

Bengal cats are available in different coat colors. Keep in mind though that coat types often have lots of influence on the price of your Bengal kitten. The rarer the coat color, the more expensive the kitten could be. The most common coats you can find on pet stores or from most breeders are snow, marbled and spotted.

When it comes to the spotted coat, the Bengal breed comes in three types; Sorrel Spotted, Leopard Spotted, and Charcoal Spotted. When it comes to the marbled coats, the Bengal breed comes in two types; Sorrel marble and Tri – color marble.

Snow Coat Types

As for the snow coat, you can choose from four types. These are Seal Lynx Point, Charcoal, Seal Mink, and Seal Sepia.  

When it comes to choosing a pet Bengal, the coat also plays an important role. As we’ve mentioned earlier, if the coat has a rare color and markings, it could be more expensive because they could be in much more demand compared to other colored breeds. Since they are rare, the supply is lower compared to the possible demand which will result to a raise in the price of the Bengal kitten.

Rare Coats

For instance, a Snow Bengal breed is the rarest of all coats but it also tends to be the most wanted by cat breeders and keepers. This will make this type of kitten cost more than others. Another example is the spotted Bengal; these are more expensive than those with marbled coats. What’s surprising is that marbled coats are rarer than spotted coats. However, those kittens with spotted coats are just more popular making them more expensive.

Do Bengal Cats Make Good Pets: Emotional Sensitivity

Do Bengal cats make good pets? Yes they do but there’s just a bit of a caveat. Bengal cats compared to other breeds tend to be more sensitive. They can become stress when they are living in a home due to various reasons. And when they do, the result is usually an unwanted behavior.

Bengal cats have the unique ability to sense emotions. As a potential Bengal owner, you need to be aware of this so that you can ensure that their surrounding is one that is as stress – free as it can get. This is part of being a responsible cat keeper – knowing your pet’s personality and attitude towards certain things. 

Good Pet or Bad Pet

Do Bengal cats make good pets? If you want them to be “good” pets and show pleasant behaviors, you have to ensure that their needs and wants are met. Make sure that you provide them with physically and mentally stimulating toys so that they can keep themselves occupied. This is essential especially if you are away most of the day. As soon as you return home, make sure to acknowledge them, and spend at least a couple of hours to play with them. Bengal cats want to feel loved and they want to feel important. This will prevent anxiety, stress and unwanted behaviors.

Do Bengal Cats Make Good Pets: How Many Bengal Should You Keep

Do Bengal cats make good pets? Yes they do provided that you take care of their physical, mental and emotional needs. Should you keep more than one? Well, that depends on your situation and also your budget.

It’s very ideal to keep more than one to keep boredom at bay. If you think you’re going to leave for work, or you’re just simply out for most of the day then it’s best to have more than one so that they won’t get lonely. When left alone to their own devices, Bengal cats won’t do well. They will also become stress and could result to unwanted behaviors.

Keep Them Company

Again, it’s very important that they have something or someone to keep them occupied while you’re away. However, it’s also important to note that even if you provided them with another cat companion or toys, you should still spend time with them. They would still want you caring for them at the end of the day. Bringing in a new cat that’s compatible with them will certainly cut down the chance of them becoming lonely.

Your Bengal will do well with another Bengal or a different cat breed that are as playful as they are. They may also do well with certain dog breeds. However, you need to make sure that there’s proper introduction and enough socialization before you live a dog with your pet Bengal to avoid fights and mishaps.

Putting It All Together

Do Bengal cats make good pets? Bengals are extremely social animals, if you don’t pay enough attention, they will demand it from you. For them, you’re part of their world which is why they have a natural tendency to communicate and connect with you. Make sure that you are aware of this and share love to them whenever you can. If you do, your pet Bengal will love you and they will become emotionally healthy pets. We hope we answer your question, do Bengal cats make good pets?     

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