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What not to feed Schnauzers? Diet and nutrition is perhaps one of the most crucial decisions you will make for your pet schnauzer as it affects their immune system, long-term health, condition of their teeth, vital organs, coat and even their lifespan. So observe and find out and choose wisely. What not to feed Schnauzers? Most pet owners are not “pet nutritionists” and are not aware about what to look for when they look at labels of foods. The truth is, there are a lot of brands out there to choose from and trying to select the optimum one with 100% certainty can be daunting and stressful. When picking a brand of pet food we recommend you base your choices on your pets breed, weight, age, gender, activity level.

What not to feed Schnauzers? If they have any allergies or health issues to consider, keep those in mind too.  If you need assistance or would like some advice about choosing the right kind of food for your Standard Schnauzers, get in touch with your Schnauzer society in your area or online. You will discover during your research that there are many recommendations about what foods to feed, and not feed, your schnauzer. You will come across lots of commercial, marketing hype which you need to ignore. Understanding how to read and figuring out food labels and what ingredients, additives and extenders are used in the mix is an ability you will need to develop.

Toxic Foods for Your Schnauzer

What not to feed Schnauzers? As a responsible Standard Schnauzer owner, you need to keep in mind that not all foods and drinks are suitable food your Standard Schnauzer’s diet. There are many food items which, if your pet gets into, could cause it a great deal of harm, an unexpected emergency visit to the vet or much worse. Yes, there is food that if your Schnauzer ingests could pose a mountain of medical problems. You will be doing the right thing on finding out what sort of foods your Schnauzer should not be eating. We have compiled a list of foods which are generally considered a “no-go” for most canines and are true for your new pet as well.

Macadamia Nuts

Keep macadamia nuts out of the reach of your Standard Schnauzer because if it does manage to get to these nuts it will cause muscle tremors, weakness and vomiting in most if not all dogs.


When walnuts become infected with mold and fungus after a spell of rain produces harmful toxins which if ingested can cause great harm and make your Standard horribly sick and possibly die. You don’t want this to happen because the signs are awfully horrible what with trembling, drooling, lethargy, lack of coordination, vomiting, loss of appetite, along with indications of jaundice accompanied by yellow gums and eyes. Keep this food product lidded tightly, up and away from the reach of your inquisitive Schnauzer.

Alcoholic Drinks

What not to feed Schnauzers? You may have seen pictures of dogs on the Internet where it seemed inebriated, looking foolishly drunk beside a bottle of alcohol. Yes, it may seem funny and amusing at first, but believe you me, it isn’t a laughing matter. Dogs can get seriously ill with alcohol poisoning and when it happens it will be a cause of great concern. Keep all alcohol away from your dogs and make sure that no one attempts to have it drink up. Be mindful of your dogs during parties. Keep in mind that dogs, most especially your Schnauzer, are inquisitive explorers and may get a drink or two in without you noticing.

Onions & Garlics

These are usual ingredients humans use often to spice up their food, but beware that your Schnauzer not gets into these. If and when ingested by dogs, onions and garlic will affect the red blood cell count of the canine negatively.

Small Bones

You want to make sure that any meats fed to your Schnauzer are free of tiny bones. Bones crushed by the strong teeth of a canine still pose a threat to them and a dangerous one indeed. Bones tend to break up and splinter in shards. Bits of bones will cause blockages and intestinal perforations and could lacerate your dog’s tongue, throat and intestines. Bones could also damage the teeth of your Schnauzer.

We humans consume so much food and prepare so much of it that we usually are left with leftover food. First of all not all foods fit for human consumption is good for dogs. In fact most of it, because of the spices, salt and sugars we add to them, are bad for dogs. On top of that, spoilt food which is moldy doubles the repercussions to a dog when ingested. Spoilt and moldy human leftovers or even their own special foods will cause grave illness in the dog. A canine can get ill from them and start showing these signs through seizing, vomiting, tremors, diarrhea and sadly death.

Coffee and Chocolates

Coffee products and coffee based drinks or foods are toxic food substances which affect a canine’s nervous system and heart. It causes seizures, tremors, vomiting, increased and irregular heartbeat, diarrhea, fever, coma and death. Chocolates cause adverse reactions and effects to all dogs and must be totally avoided. The signs may not become apparent immediately but when it does it will be a regrettable time and a sorry sight. Keep your dog away from chocolates at all costs.

Fruit Seeds

Fruit pits of peaches, apricots, cherries and plums have cyanogenic glycosides, which when ingested causes cyanide poisoning. A very scary thought indeed if you consider the consequences. What you want to do instead is slice fruit up and gives it to your dog sans the pit. As a rule of thumb, keep away all fruit pits from the food of your dog!

How to Feed Schnauzers

You need to make sure that your Standard Schnauzer gets a balanced meal regularly so that it gets properly nourished. Schnauzers are great, active players and will have a seemingly endless supply of energy so they will eat heartily each time. Make sure that you teach and instill discipline early on so they have proper eating habits.

Schedule Feeding Time

What not to feed Schnauzers? Always schedule feeding as this will teach your Schnauzers discipline as this is also a part of their socialization training. You wouldn’t want your Schnauzer to run off and ingest the first sign of “food” it detects whenever and wherever. Observe a level of consistency with your Schnauzers because this is will allow you to raise an even-mannered canine companion.  

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