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Dogs in general are very lovable creatures. They are friendly, hence the title man’s best friend, faithful and loyal companions, affectionate, gentle, fun to be around with, and often have the magic to turn our lives happier than we could possibly imagine. Certainly, we began to realize how we can never go back to not having dogs in the first place. 

If you are still undecided as to whether or not you should own a dog, let me persuade you otherwise and introduce a breed that might convince you to turn yourself into a dog person. Let’s look into beagle dogs and how to know if this breed suits your personality best. 

Three words that sum up beagles: small, tight, and sturdy. They are easily recognizable because they have big brown eyes and cute square floppy ears. Being small, you’ll be surprised by the plenty of powers their body holds. 

They are active companions for both children and adults and this is one of the most popular breeds because of their friendly and uplifting nature. They are “scent hounds” which mean that they live to use their nose, they were really meant to be hunting dogs, but over the years people cannot really contain how great they are to be a family pet, and more and more are really loving these small but really terrible, overflowing cute creatures. 

Things You Need to Keep in Mind

They are energetic

They need plenty of physical activities and mental stimulation,  walking, for instance, makes beagles instantly happy. Beagles love to play, whether it’s with a full-grown adult or kid, they easily get comfortable. Deprive them of physical activities and mental stimulation and they will get destructive, just so you know how vital it is for them to get their blood flowing with exercising. On the bright side, they can be your dancing, working out, yoga, running, and many more, companions.

Having called “scent hounds”, they love following a scent rail

The moment they smell something interesting is the moment they will lose their attention to you and follow their curiosity instead. This however makes them a good companion for walking, they seem to be really into sniffing stuff and playing grass that will make you laugh just by observing them.

They are low maintenance

Taking care of beagles does not cost much because they are generally healthy, they do not demand a lot of things besides really good pet ownership, they are simple to take care of physically, not requiring any special treatment or exceptions. Nonetheless, you should always meet their health needs. 

They love to show their affection towards their caregivers/owners.

They are generally sweet and once comfortable with you, you’ll be in awe by how energized and happy they seem to be when you are around. 

You will thank them for their silliness and naughtiness

Beagles are very funny dogs. Oftentimes owners of these dogs will preach about how they seem to brush their sadness away, they are little balls of serotonin everyone needs. It aids positivity in your life. 

They love to eat

Their intelligence and their sense of smell come in handy when really finding what to eat, this is helpful if you are planning to train your beagle since they will give up anything just so they can have treats. This however should not burden you because you can always control the portion of their food in accordance with their mealtime. 

They are smart

You might think otherwise when these cute creatures are giving you a hard time in training, but they are great problem solvers, they will figure out how to overcome obstacles into getting on whatever it is that they want. 

They adjust well to their environment

Switching places and weather does not bother beagles as long as they are conducting their physical activities, and opportunities to sniff stuff up. Whether you are switching from a big city to a small city, to farms or lots, beagles will not change, they’ll still be lovable and active. 

Possible downsides of beagles to some people

They are loud

Compared to other breeds of dogs there is, beagles are louder than them. The way they bark resembles a wolf’s howl which can be annoying to the ears. It attracts noise complaints from other people who are not fond of barks, and or you might be risking inconvenience when you are trying to focus and they suddenly bark.

They love to dig

Digging for them is a form of physical activity and they dig to feed their curiosity because they are likely to smell something they like, however, it can look like they are being messy and might ruin your backyard if left unattended. 

Tendency to be stubborn and inattentive

Training beagles can be a tricky challenge since their sense of smell might get the best of them, leaving your side and go do something for themselves. However, this can be overcome as time passes by 

Keep In Mind

Beagles earned their spot as being the most family-friendly dog companions. Their characteristics are absolute gems and I think that it will be great for you too! If you happen to not mind their downsides and your lifestyle seems to relate to theirs. Regardless of breeds, I think that we all need paws in our lives, not only we are changing their lives for the better by providing them a family, care, love, but also they have the power to turn ours a kinder, humbler, funnier, happier and content life. 

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