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What you need to know about budgies? Budgerigars are great as pets, though sometimes some people may find its attitude naughty because of its natural curiosity and could be way interactive at times; but that’s of course, part of who they are. What you need to know about budgies? They are clever and can be easily trained and they can sing as well! Although, Budgerigars are generally easy to care for because of its small size; you will still need some useful tips, so that you can maximize its true potential. What you need to know about budgies? Compare to other bird species, Budgerigar parrots doesn’t live for 50 years or more. These birds have an average lifespan of only 15 – 20 years! But, if you take good care of them, they will certainly live longer than you might expect.

Popular Pet Birds

What you need to know about budgies? Budgerigars, which are scientifically under the Subfamily of Loriinae; are birds that are native to the wild and drier parts Australia. These birds life expectancy is about 15 – 20 years or more! They are relatively small parakeets with an enthusiastic, sociable attitude towards people, which makes them an interesting choice as pets. These parrots had been popular since the 19th century especially when scientists brought it to Europe.

Budgie Colors

In the wild, Budgerigars are miniature birds with variety of colorful feathers such as green with yellow; with black stripes and markings, and dark blue-green-black flight and tail feathers, and because of color mutations they now come in an array of different jelly bean colors like yellow, white, violet, gray, sky blue, cobalt, mauve except red and pink.

Aside from talking; they are also fond of chewing, napping and playing interesting games to keep them from being bored and also to satisfy their curious minds. They are totally cool and have a knack for a fun time!

Budgie Personality

What you need to know about budgies? In terms of their behavior and personality; they are quite notorious for having sharp screeching noise and bold attitude in everything. They will destroy and chew on any objects available, requires lots of interaction and at times nippy to unfamiliar faces. But they are primarily easy to tame and very friendly once they get to know you.

Food for Budgies

These parrots are omnivorous and usually feed on seeds, insects, fruit and nuts. Budgerigars are sexually dimorphic; female budgies are have white or light-blue, tan, or brown cere (head) while males commonly have blue or purplish-blue cere except for color mutated species.

Basic Needs of Budgies

What you need to know about budgies? The main purpose of perches is to exercise your bird’s feet; it could also prevent sores and foot related health issues in the future. In the wild, birds like Budgerigars; are used to transferring from one tree to another but in captivity of course they can’t do that; so a great alternative is to buy them perches, preferably made out of fresh fruit tree branches. The minimum area for the perch is about ¾” – 1″ (2 – 2.5 cm) in diameter.

You can buy different types of perches such as wood dowel, natural branch type, a therapeutic perch or a cement perch as well as Eucalyptus branches; just make sure that it is not poisonous.

Bird Perch

Budgerigars also love to gnaw perches, and because of that you may have to replace it regularly. There are lots of perches you could choose from especially from online stores. These perches could also be used as ropes and swings for your pet. Do not put the perch above the bird’s bowl or dishes otherwise the food and water will be contaminated.

Budgie Toys

Budgerigars are very playful and active and like any other birds, they will chew anything; you may find yourself regularly buying and replacing new toys to keep them happy. It is recommended that you purchase toys that are easy to be destroyed, it’ll be very interactive for your Budgerigars to prevent boredom. However; if you’re in a tight budget, you can also buy toys that are durable so that it could last longer.  There are a lot of toys online and in pet stores that you can buy for your Budgerigar.  It is not advisable to put all of the toys inside your bird’s cage because it will become dirty and overcrowded. Rotate the toys at least once a week.

Bird Dish

Buy at least 3 sturdy dishes; one for fresh water, one for pellet or seed mix and one for fresh foods. Avoid buying plastic dishes because your Budgerigars will most likely break it; and it could also be harmful to its health. Place it away from the perches so that it would not be contaminated with bird droppings.

What to Feed Budgies

Some Budgerigars owners feed their birds only with seeds, while some only provides a pellet diet; this however could limit the nutrients your pet is receiving. Experts suggest that parrots should be given a variety of food for a balanced nutrition or what they call a formulated diet.

Bird Diet

Budgerigars are a very energetic and lively parrot that’s why a good combination of formulated diet (seeds, fruits and vegetables) as well as a good amount of protein; and other nutrients plus clean water is essential to keep their bodies healthy and active.

You will need a good supply of packaged pellet diet, to be mixed with seed. Then you can slowly add fresh foods and protein. Formulated bird food may already contain vitamins so it’s not recommended that you give another one separately unless prescribed by your vet.  Conversion takes about a week or so depending on your bird and how well you feed them.

Budgie Treats

Budgerigars can also be taught to perform different kinds of tricks and should undergo “bird training”; but of course, it always comes with a price! You can give your pet different types of treats such as fruits, seed and spray as well as Do-It-Yourself (DIY) treats like pretzels, popcorn or something healthy that your bird can munch on.

Ready to Keep them as Pets?

What you need to know about budgies? Most Budgerigars are generally easy to train and can be well-behaved as long as you provide them with adequate attention, interaction; and love. They can easily become part of the family and a loving companion if you are willing to put in the time and effort to take care of them. Watch the video below for more info:

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