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You have a lot of options on where you can buy your very first puppy. In this section, we will be listing down places, as well as its pros and cons. Read on to know which option is the best for you. Buying a pet is a tedious and difficult task. It will require you to devote a lot of time and effort to know where and who to buy your pet from. A great breeder would give you a lot of information about your dog’s history as well as sell it for a cheap price.

Buying a dog will be an exhausting process; you will be calling and going to places to find the best dog possible.

Local Pet Stores

Local pet stores are one of the popular choices when buying pets. A reason for this choice is that pet stores are easily accessible to many people. Other than that, some pet stores may even deliver your puppy if you live near the store. Unfortunately, most pet shops will not give you enough details of your puppy and its history. Also, some stores will not take good care of their puppies because they have too many dogs to handle at one time.

This is a good option if you have no time in finding your dog. You will just go to a local shop and pick out the Great Dane for you. However, if you want to choose the best among rest, you might need to look for another path. You need to have great determination to find the best pet for you.

Backyard/Private Breeders

Private breeders are one of the best alternates in finding your puppy. A good referral will greatly help your decision.            

A reason for this choice is you can truly get to know the breeder, the puppy, and the parents. The breeder could give you all of the information needed about the pup that they are selling. Also, you can settle the price and the breeder may even share some techniques on taking care of the pup.

However, a disadvantage for this option is that you need to comb through houses after houses and personally visit and inspect the puppies. You need time, money, and a mode of transportation to go back and forth to different places and get your dream pup.

This option is for those who like to talk and meet new breeders. If you want to take this road, you could potentially set up a network of dog owners and friendship. However, this option is not for people who are very busy and do not want to socialize with other people.

Online Stores

When the internet has become a popular a poplar shopping place for people, many people opt to buy from online sellers rather than go to physical shops. This option is truly for the busy person because you can look and meet for the purchase. You can even join forums to know the characteristics of a great breed.

Unfortunately, you can’t thoroughly critique the breed, background, and health issues of the puppy. You just need to take know of its physical characteristics and truly know if the breed is great or not.

            This is a difficult path to go through. You need to gather a lot of information before buying from online sellers. You need to be on the lookout for scamming activities, you need to thoroughly research on the breeder, know and understand if he truly has a background idea and experience in breeding Great Dane. You can also ask essential questions about the parents and the puppy. Other than that, make sure you know the signs of a great breed.

Great sellers will not keep secrets about its pup. You should not trust a seller who will withhold information, especially about the parents’ history and medical information.

After reading this section, you now have an idea on where to buy your Great Dane puppy. Make sure you have thoroughly thought of your choice before moving forward.

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